Team:NEFU China/Attributions




1.The Team NEFU_China has registered the 2018 iGEM with great enthusiasm.
2.We have created a wiki webpage of our team with clear attribution of each aspect of our project. 
3.We have successfully added new and high quality experimental characterization data to an existing BioBrick BBA_K1829002.

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1.We have created BBa_K2542000, BBa_K2542007 and BBa_K2542008 that work well in our project. These BioBricks have been documented in the Registry entry.
2.We have helped the UESTC-China team to examine their BioBricks. For more details, see our Collaboration part.
3.We propagated our project to the public, especially to the students, to enhance their awareness of our own information security in the human practices. We have attached a summary of the public perceptions of the importance of information security. Please check the human practice page in our wiki.

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1.We expanded our human practices by performing a questionnaire on information security and presenting the concepts of our project in several elementary schools in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. We also collected advice on how to protect our information assets.
2.We have successfully improved the performance of existing BioBricks BBa_K775004 to adapt our system. We have successfully created BBa_K2542014.
3.We first established a competitive model of two yeasts under the competitive relationship conditions in the medium. After a period of time, yeast alpha secreted factors, breaking the competitive relationship . We can compare factor α to a gun, killing type a yeast, thus establishing a gun battle model.

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We also thank the following instructors from Northeast Forestry University for supporting our project and providing constructive suggestions:

Yuhua Li Professor, College of Life Science
Jingying Wang Professor, College of Life Science
Chunbo Teng Professor, College of Life Science
Shengnan Zhu Lecturer, College of Life Science
Ralf Müller-Xing Professor, College of Life Science
Yang Zhang Professor, College of Life Science
Fenghui Qi Professor, College of Life Science

NEFU_China 2018 team is particularly grateful to the following institutions for funding our iGEM project:
The National Natural Science Fund Northeast Forestry University
College of Science, Northeast Forestry University

We would like to thank the faculty of the Discipline of Developmental Biology for letting us use their laboratory space, granting the access to laboratory equipment and providing guidance throughout our project.

We would like to thank our six instructors sincerely, for helping us improve our project and guiding us to do better in the final presentation. Thanks for all the time and efforts they have spent in our competition.

We would like to thank Heilongjiang State Secrecy Bureau for giving us suggestions about our case and showing us some past cases of confidentiality.

We appreciate the help from previous iGEMers for sharing their experience of the iGEM and giving us useful suggestions.