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The Detective Pollen


The idea and design of the project, the wiki, the presentation and the poster, as well as all of the conducted experiments were performed by the members of the team under the supervision of the advisor K. Kummer, instructor N. Lübke and the secondary PI S.Weick.
Special tasks during the project were performed by the following team members:
• The PCR study to differentiate plants by their DNA was performed by Viviane and Leon
• The human practice efforts were led by Elisa and Jil
• Ben and Simon carried out the pectin assay and investigated the possibility of a cellulose assay
• Leon set up the wiki template and style CSS
• The InterLab study was conducted by Fynn, Elisa, Jil and Leon

The cloning work was done by the whole team in different small subgroups, with Fynn dealing with the Bacillus subtilis pel B, Ben and Simon working on the xanthomonas campestris pel B, Leon working on yesZ. Elisa and Jil were working on the plasmid backbones and transformations.
Around New Year the final team composition was announced and during weekly meetings, we discussed project ideas in spring.
In the Easter vacation, we started working in the lab of the university for 2 weeks learning general lab procedures. The actual work on our project was accomplished during 4 weeks of our summer vacation. Lastly, the wiki texts were written at home and during further meetings in Bielefeld and at our school.

Special thanks to the following people, who helped us during sub-projects or by general guidance:
Supporting Persons:

Prof Dr. Jörn Kalinowski
Prof Dr. Norbert Grotjohann

Jörn Kalinowski, as the Head of the "Technology Platform Genomics", and Norbert Grotjohann, as the Head of the “Department of Biology didactics”, enabled the opportunity for us to participate in iGEM. They served as primary and secondary PIs.

Stephanie Weick
Nils-Christian Lübke

Stephanie Weick served also as secondary PI. She is part of the teaching staff of the Einstein Gymnasium Rheda-Wiedenbrück. Nils-Christian Lübke is a PhD candidate at Bielefeld University and part of the teutolab biotechnology. He served as the team’s instructor. Both were part of the project brainstorming and development, helped with the lab work as well as the organization of the project.

Katharina Kummer
Katharina Kummer served as our advisor. She helped us during the lab work and drilled us to the best possible team photo.

Special Thanks

Human Practice Support:
During our Human Practice approach, we had the pleasure to discuss with the following people:

-Prof. Dr. rer. pharm. Jeroen Buters (member of the center for allergies and environment (ZAUM-Zentrum Allergie und Umwelt) at the University of Munich)
-Prof. Dr. Joerg Pross (Institute of Earth Sciences at the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Palynology)
Electron Microscopy Support:
Uwe Kahmann helped us with the preparation of the Pollen samples for the electron microscopy.

The Bielefeld-CeBiTec team supported us during our project as this is the first time a High School team from the Einstein Gymnasium or the Bielefeld University is participating.
Vanessa and Erika helped us with the coding of the wiki. Johannes and Matthias supported us during the InterLab study.
Special thanks to the Bielefed-CeBiTec team!