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Overview Experiments

For our project, we needed to do a lot of experiments. At first, it was a bit difficult to find some well working methods, but after a while of researching we were finally able to get very good results.

Our goal is it to build an E. coli. which is able to form the required enzymes. For cracking the pollen, we need the enzymes pectinase and cellulase. These enzymes break trough the shell of the pollen cores and will help us to get the DNA from pollen.
In a nutshell, these are our required experiments:

We did two assays [1] [2] to prove the occurence of pectin; we were able to crack pollen and to handle Escherichia coli.

After cracking the pollen, we were capable to duplicate the DNA of different pollen by doing a PCR [1] [3] . Afterwards we could "inject" the duplicated DNA into a gelelectrophoresis to show which pollen we used before.

Our team also dealed with searching for DNA sequences saved in the database of NCBI. How to use the program MEGA7 and the database of NCBI is also mentioned in the Methods.

Our research also required a good handling with the light- and the electron microscope. We described in Pollen how to use them.

One essential part of our project is the cloning of E. coli. If you want to see results and more about our cloning experiments, click here .


Working at the assays