Team:Rheda Bielefeld/University

Bielefeld University


The CeBiTec building (Center for Bio-Technology.

This is one side of the University. On the right side, you can roughly see the building X.

Bielefeld University

We have worked at Bielefeld University during the holidays to perform our experiments. It is located outside of the main city of Bielefeld and was founded in 1969 by Helmut Schelsky. Due to the fact that it was built around that time, it was mostly built with concrete and is lovingly called "The Learning-Factory" by the students of the university.

The university offers these following subjects to study:

-History, Philosophy and Theology
-Public Health
-Linguistics and Literature
-Psychology and Sports
-Business Administration and Economics

All those subjects are available for study. The scientific courses can be taught in the laboratories of the CeBiTec.