Team:Rheda Bielefeld/Collaborations


In this year, we, the team Rheda Bielefeld, participated for the first time in the iGEM competition and in the result we were astonished by the scale of this event which takes place every year since 2003.

Team Bielefeld-CeBiTec

Luckily we didn't dive into the competition alone, because the iGEM team Bielefeld-CeBiTec helped us greatly in the project and mentored us from the beginning of the competition. They didn´t only help us in the technical side, which includes HTML, CSS and Java, but they also participated with us in the InterLab Study and guided us through it.
Even when the first results didn't match, we repeated the InterLab Study experiments and successfully completed it.
During the work with the wiki we encountered some gravitating problems and haven't found a possible solution, until one of their members helped us to find the solution and further provided us information to the wiki code.
Also we participated in their Dual Use Research of Concern.