Team:Rheda Bielefeld/Team


The Team

Our team was selected by a committee of teachers in our school. Each of us had to write a letter including our motivation to participate in the iGEM-Project and what we would have been able to contribute to the team. Based on these texts, 7 students of the Einstein-Gymnasium in Rheda-Wiedenbrück were offered to be a part of the first iGEM-High School team ever at our school. 6 of us are travelling to the Giant Jamboree in Boston.
The 7 of us are: Leon Barratt, Ben Bocev, Jil Dißmann, Simon Fischer, Viviane Mußmann, Fynn Stuhlweißenburg and Elisa Ueding.
Throughout this year, we were supported by many teachers and officials of the university in Bielefeld. We were organized by Nils Lübke who is currently taking a doctoral degree at the University of Bielefeld and Stephanie Weick, our teacher, who arranged our journey and communicated with the schools' administration. We were supervised by Katharina Kummer and generally guided and supported by Prof. Dr Joern Kalinowski and Prof. Dr Norbert Grotjohann, our PIs.

Detective Pollen

Detective Pollen is our team's logo. He is a pollen who is looking for other pollen, which are causing trouble for some people, to identify them and to help people who are allergic to pollen.
By his work, Detective Pollen is representing our teams' idea of a test strip which identifies pollen and shows the local pollen dispersal.