Here, we'd like to state our work and thank all who have helped us over the iGEM season.

Team Members

Our project is a team-work involving in 10 undergraduates that are divided into 6 groups. Each group was responsible for one aspect such as WIKI construction, art design, wet-lab work, human practices and so on. Here below, we state their individual contributions in case of further information are desired by iGEMers.

Team set-up and management

Weiteng Xu: He sets up the SCAU-iGEM 2018 team and served as the captain, not only for wet experiment, but also for our iGEM project.

Yinpin Huang: She is responsible for financial affairs.

Jiahua Zou (Kawah): She is responsible for announcement of updated messages.

Wet-lab work

Weiteng Xu: He is responsible for extracting genome DNA, constructing vectors and performing parts-related experiments.

Yinpin Huang: She is primarily responsible for vector construction (including cas9 vector construction and Acetobacter cellulase synthase expression vector reconstruction) and cyanobacterial transformation.

Yingli Li (Lily): Lily also was responsible for the work about lab safety.

Wei Wang: He is mainly in charge of the cultivation of cyanobacteria, cyanobacterial transformation and identification of bacterial cellulose. In addition, he also participates in a series of wet-lab tasks incluing designing cesA knockout experiments and testing cyanobacterial growth conditions.

Yaohua Huang: He is primarily responsible for the cultivation of cyanobacteria and some other experiments related to cyanobacteria growth.

Xinyu Zhang: She is responsible for some of the experiments in interlab and making the Ubi-H-rrnB plasmid.

Art Design

Jiahua Zou (Kawah): She was the designer of our team, have designed the logo, team flag, team uniform, poster, banner and other promotional items for the team.

Xinyu Zhang:She participates in news reports and the designing of the team uniform.


Jiadong Li/Xinling Huang: They work together to accomplish the design and construction of the WiKi contents.

Human Practices

Yinpin Huang: She is responsible for planning and organizing the human practices works (social activities, education and entrepreneurships).


Weixu Wang (Ken): He is in charge of for the mathematical modeling of our project and has made significant contributions by providing new suggestions and ideas to improve our project.

Other Undergraduates

Yue Pan:As a former member of the team, she helped us complete some wet-lab experiments.


Dr HAO WANG: Our mentor, Professor Wang gave us advices and suggestions, and our team members often discuss with him, search for his help at anytime when we met some difficulties to ensure the smooth running of our project.

iGEM Counselor Committee of SCAU: Professors Yaoguang Liu, Yiqun Deng, Gang Hao, Haihong Wang, Jikai Wen, Guohui Zhu and Dongmei He, all of them were responsible and selfless to help us to make iGEM possible.

The training ofhands-on experimental techniques and the knowledge of synthetic biology for the iGEM team weredone by Jicai Yi, Junhao Lu and Xuecheng Li.

Zihao Huang, Mengxi Zhu: They helped us to check up our wiki pages.

Grant Support

Our project was supported by grants from the Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, the College of Life Sciences, Department of Foreign Affairs of SCAU.

Lab Support

The College of Life Sciences of SCAU: The college had provided us with an opening molecular laboratory where is our daily operation bench, a meeting room for our discussion, a culture room for the culture of cyanobacteria and a bacterial operation room for the handling bacterial safely.

State Key Laboratory for Conservation and Utilization of Subtropical Agro-bioresources (SKL-CUSA): Thank to the advanced insruments and well established protocols provided by them and we can finish the experiments smoothly.

Project support

Freshwater Algae Culture Collection at the Insitute of Hydrobiology: They Sent us with the cyanobacteria :Synechocystis sp. (FACHB-898), Scytonema javanicum(FACHB-887), Microcoleus vaginatus(FACHB-253);

Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences: They gifted us with the gene expression platform pFQ20.

iGEM Team TUST-CHINA(2017): Thanks for the protocol of bacteria genome extraction.

Human practices support

During the human practices, we received many assistances and supports from warm hearted people and organizations.

Key Laboratory of Desert and Desertification, Chinese Academy of Sciences: They provided us with the valuable environmental data of desert and sand sample from Gansu Province for our simulation experiment.

The Youth League Committee of SCAU: for Bauhinia Science and Technology Festival, public education and popular science, the support of providing the space for our graffiti wall.

The College of Life Sciences of SCAU: for the help of Laboratory Open day.

GZHS-united(2018)/GDSYZX(2018): We help them to organize the iGEM team and we had cooperation with them in interlab experiment.

iGEM Team: SYSU-China(2017)/ SYSU-Software (2017)/SCUT-ChinaA(2018)/NEU-ChinaB(2018)/ SUSTech_Shenzhen(2018)/FAFU-CHINA(2017) for the collaboration, communications, cooperation and iGEM gathering.

SCAU Affiliated Primary school: for education courses of Biology.

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