1. Parts collection

The parts we used are listed at the table below.

Part number Type Function description Medal
BBa_K515107 Composite Dendra2 cording Bronze
BBa_K2559000 Basic endoglucanase Silver
BBa_K2559001 Basic cellulose complement protein A Silver
BBa_K2559002 Basic β-glucosidase Silver
BBa_K2559003 Basic E. coli. Promoter PrplJ Unsubmit
BBa_K2559004 Basic E. coli. Promoter Pdapa Unsubmit
BBa_K2559011 Basic E. coli. Promoter PcaiF Unsubmit
BBa_K2559007 Basic Promoter of Heat Shock Protein Pgroel Unsubmit
BBa_K2559008 Basic slr0168 Unsubmit
BBa_K2559012 Basic Promoter of RuBisCO(Prbc) Unsubmit
BBa_K2559013 Basic Terminator of RuBisCO(Trbc) Unsubmit
BBa_K2559005 Basic enhance green fluorescent protein Gold
BBa_K2559009 Composite expression of eGFP Gold
2. Basic parts and Composite Part

(1) BBa_K515107

We characterized the BBa_K515107 part comprising the coding sequence BBa_K515007 which coded for Dendra2, a photoconvertible reporter protein under the control of the repressible promoter TetR (BBa_R0040) and the RBS (BBa_B0034).

(2) BBa_K2559000/ BBa_K2559001/ BBa_K2559002

This three parts were obtained from the Acetobacter Xylinum bacterial cellulose synthase, as they were suspected to function together to regulate the expression and secretion of bacterial cellulose.

This bcs Z(BBa_K2559000) is coding an endoglucanase in the process of cellulose hydrolysis, bcs H (BBa_K2559001) can express cellulose complement protein A which affects the expression levels of bcsB and bcsC, interacts with bcsD. bglX (BBa_K2559003) is a β-glucosidase.

(3) BBa_K2559003/ BBa_K2559004/ BBa_K2559011

This three parts BBa_K2559000, BBa_K2559001 and BBa_K2559002 were obtained from E. coli, and but the promoters (PrplJ, PdapA, PcaiF) are totally different in expressional intensity.

(4) BBa_K2559007/ BBa_K2559008/ BBa_K2559012/ BBa_K2559013

This four parts BBa_K2559007, BBa_K2559008, BBa_K2559012 and BBa_K2559013 were used for the construction of our synergistic recombination and CRISPR/cas9 kit

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