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Prof. Hao Wang

He is the principle investigator in the College of Life Sciences, South China Agricultural University. His research interests mainly focus on protein engineering and intracellular trafficking, organelle biogenesis and plant cell bioreactor. Prof. Wang always encourages us to think critically and keep optimistic. He also gives us lots of advice in accomplishment of our whole project including wet and dry aspects.

Ken is in charge of the mathematic model part of our project. He is enthusiastic in computational biology and machine learning algorithm, especially probabilistic graphic model. He believes everything can be interpreted by modeling.
Wei Wang is interested in the field of cell biology since he was deeply attracted by the wonderful micro-world under the microscope. His hobbies are planting and photography.
Kawah is majoring in life sciences. She takes care of all the sundries in the team. She is responsible for getting the latest news to make sure the team is able to meet various deadlines. She also organized part of HP activities together with Yinpin. Meanwhile, Kawah acts a designer in the team and participates in designing the logo, team flag, team uniform, poster, banner and other items of the team. “I have a good workout in iGEM and I am glad that I got the opportunity to learn more about synthetic biology.”
Daisy takes care about news reports and art design of the team with enthusiasm and devotion. At the same time, she keeps training herself to be an expert in different experiments of synthetic biology. She is always willing to help others to overcome difficulties and challenges as she can. In addition, she is active in proposing new ideas and possible solutions for the project although sometimes it takes time for her to convince other teammates or to be convinced. She has learnt a lot and improved herself significantly after being a member of the project.
Xu Weiteng, the team leader, is an enthusiastic senior student majoring in molecular and cell biology. He is especially interested in the genetic engineering. He participates in the establishment and implementation of the project, spends most of his spare time in the lab working on the project, coordinates with the teammates and keeps our team moving on. Outside of the lab, he loves travelling, photography and enjoying delicious dessert.
Lily is a senior student majoring in bio-technology. In this project, she worked on the construction of the expression vector of bacterial cellulose synthesis and enjoyed working with the Acetobacter xylinus. She prizes the happy time working with the other team members. In her spare time, she is keen on flowers-planting and she takes her plants as her babies.
YinPin, an outgoing and conscientious girl, mainly devoted herself to the experiment of the project. Definitely, she is a workaholic. In addition, as the leader of human practice in our team, she likes making new friends. She keeps contact with many other igemers from different countries around the world. She has spent great efforts in organized many wonderful and successful events and activities to promote our roles in public education and dialogue. If you want to know more about her, see you guys in the giant jamboree.
Yaohua takes the responsibility of culturing and bleeding Microcoleus vaginatus and Scytonema javanicum in our team. He spends majority of his time in working out the best conditions for bacteria and cynobacteria growth and providing solutions to the problems of genetic transformation. His interests are quite broad including cooking, hiking, music and photography.
JIADONG LI, a student from GuangDong University of Finance. He majors in computer science and he is a biology lover.
XINLING HUANG, a final year undergraduate of computer science in South China Agricultural University. As a member of the team, she helps to develop the wiki.

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