Team:SFLS Shenzhen

Pink Ribbon Project

The global incidence of breast cancer has been rising since the late 1970s. According to the data of breast cancer incidence released by the National Cancer Center and the Center for Disease Control in 2009 , the incidence of breast cancer in the registered areas ranks the first in women with malignant tumor. Our project is to use miRNA--miRNA155 and miRNA10b--in human serum as biomarkers to detect early forms of breast cancer.

Toehold switches are used for the detection and the product can be suited to any other early cancer detections if the trigger part is changed to bind with other miRNA sequences. When both kinds of miRNAs are binded,our artificial designed biological system will produce green fluorescent protein.Based on it,we can detect fluorescence and calculate microRNA expression level.We're trying to make our project become a convenient and cheap disease-detecting method in people's daily life.