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SFLS Shenzhen

SFLS(Shenzhen foriegn languages school) is located in Yantian district,at the foot of Wutong mountain.We have attended iGEM competition for 4 years, and now we are spending the fifth year attending this competition.

There are twice as many girls as boys in our school,so the number of girls in our team is much larger than the number of boys.We always think that girls are able to keep up with men in science field.

The whole team includes 4 groups: the group of theory and experiment, the group of human practice, the group of modeling and the group of designing and coding.

Meet Our Team

  • Hi, my name is Zhaoting Li. As a member from the team SFLS_Shenzhen, my main job is desiging our project and managing experiments. I’m a senior high school student, which make iGEM a bit hard for me to understand at the beginning, but it’s still a lot of fun and I really enjoy the process of competing. My dream is to study Maths and economics, maybe a little computer will be my first time to travel abroad this October and since I like travelling a lot, I’m looking forward to the chance of visiting a foreign city and have a nice competition.
  • I am Bella from SFLS( shenzhen foreign languages school) and I am a junior. I am 16 years old right now and I am trying to make my life fulfilled besides study. My favorite social activity is Mock Trial and I run the current association of my school. I am fascinated by the charm of court even though I may not good at it. I am outgoing but shy. It’s like a paradox but…you know Joining IGEM is a perfect “mistake”. I love biology from the documentaries of BBC and I find it way more different in IGEM than I expected. As an art student,I find it hard for me to understand those codes and numerous genes sections or something. But doing HP is fun:)
  • Hi, my name is Raven Wang. 17yo, senior. I have been enamored with Biology since an early age. Working in IGEM, a biological club I was in, provided me with bunch of information to get closer to the truth of human. When I am doing experiments, every moment is divine. Watching the billions of disordered DNA finally twist together and became double helix, I thought I probe the origin of human. I indulged in the gene’s ocean, feeling each of my fibers flow, my organs associate and work without the command of my brain, my ego tracks back to my deepest mind. Adding enzymes and cutting DNA series, I manipulate the phenotypic trait in the Garden of Eden. From a single oosperm to a living thing with thoughts and numerous ability, the progress of human enchanted me and showed me my way to a biologist.Hobby: playing basketball, painting, listening to music, sleeping.
  • Hi, my name is Zhuoran Cai. I still remember how excited I was when first stepped into the lab.I’ve always been a curious and creative girl who is interested in science,and that’s why I am became an iGEMer. As a team leader, I communicate with every team member and direct their work. I am also responsible for designing the project and doing experiments. My hobbies are listening to music and playing video games.My favorite music type is rock music(Sometimes I think I’m more like a boy)I also like animals a lot,so I kept many pets. Though exhausting, I never regret joining in iGEM.I enjoy designing our own project and working with other student.It makes me feel as if I am creating my dream.
  • My name is Echo. I am a big fan of biology and engineering. So I came to iGEM. I enjoy reading, cutting aluminum tubes and day-dreaming. Those habits truly helped me become a wise girl. I'd never thought I would be in our school iGEM team. It feels fantastic to produce something by my own hands. What's more fantastic is that the product can even help other people! I'm glad that I made the right decision.
  • Meredith Xiang: Wuddup, ladies and gents? [smirk]
  • Student leader: Lisa Du I am Lisa Du, the student leader of team SFLS_Shenzhen. A first year igemer. :p I am a existentialist and soft determinist.I loving being nerdy while being a party girl at the same time!