Team:SMS Shenzhen/Attributions



Work assigned in our team:

Project & idea

The idea of the project was initially proposed by Zixi Chen and Hanyi Mao. The whole team contributes to the consumption of the project.


Yiran Song, Shutong Gu, Zixi Chen, Yifei Du, Shiyuan Wen, Jinfan Huang, Yihang Zhao, Tianyi Sun, Hanyi Mao, Qinxi Liu, Yiquan Hong, Yuyao Pan, Ruilin Yang conduct the experiments.

Human practice

Members involved in Human Practice are Jinfan Huang, Yanzhu Lu, Ruilin Yang, Meng Sun, Haibo Zhu, Sizhe Zhang,Ziqi Chen, Heyi Xu.

Wiki Construction

The codes of our wiki is written by Yuqiao Li. Yifei Du also provides help with uploading and formatting materials.

The graphs are drawn by Yuqiao Li and Shuya Sheng.

The whole team participates in writing the wiki articles.


Members in the art design group are Yanzhu Lu, Meng Sun, Ziqi Chen, Shuya Sheng and Yuqiao Li


Presentation members are Yiran Song, Zixi Chen, Yanzhu Lu, Tianyi Sun, and Qinxi Liu

Support From Our PI, Advisor, and Instructor

Weizhao Chen, Advisor

- Professor Weizhao Chen, an experienced professor from Shenzhen University, facilitates our project greatly as an dedicated advisor. He shares his successful PI experience in the past with our team, and gives us informational advice on choosing the topic. Besides, he helps building connection between us and Shenzhen University, validating collaboration and experiments.

Yadan Gao & Changyuan Deng, Primary PI

- As the Instructors of SMS_Shenzhen this year, Mis.Gao and Mis.Deng provided us with experiment skill and projet instructions.

Support From Other People & Organizations

Shenzhen Middle School

- Our school provides a lab with basic instruments for us to implement experiment practice and meetings. We also received financial support from the school to carry out the process of competition with enough supplies.

Our Parents

- As minors, we sincerely thank our parents for letting us participate and supporting us both financially and spiritually.