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Jeff Dui

As a student in SMS that had attend the last iGEM competition, I am eager to share my experience and give humble suggestions to our team this year. I will continue to focus on the design and experiments for enzymes which l have accumulated deeper understanding in some degree. iGEM is an innovative competition that not only requires hard work but also demands for cooperation within team and between teams at the same time. I am glad to found a place like this at which I can make accomplishments on fileds I interested.

Yinan Hong

I’m Yinan Hong. This my second year doing iGEM. Although I may not be studying biology or something related to it in the college, my experience participating in iGEM will surely be a precious treasure of my life. Let’s enjoy the game.

Yiran Song

Hi, I’m Yiran Song, the senior team leader. I have a special interest in the field of biology, especially the part of applying my knowledge to solve real life problems. As for the future, I strongly wish that I can major in medicine. It’s my honor to devote my effort into our project and this competition.

Zixi Chen

Hello! This is Zixi Chen from Shenzhen Middle School, and I am very glad to participate in iGEM competition this year. Being one of the student leaders, I am engaged in managing the project progess, conducting the experiments, designing the product, and collaborating with other teams. It's quite exciting to work with a group of excellent students who have the same passion to studying and applying biology. See you guys in Boston!

Shutong Gu

Hello everyone, I am Shutong Gu, a high school student from Shenzhen Middle School. It is the second year I participate in iGEM, and I am so glad to solve the daily problems with the knowledge from the systhetic biology.

Yu Ji

This is Yu Ji, Elroy, from Shenzhen middle school. I take the responsibility of writing and experiment in the team. Biology and chemistry are the fields that I interested in. I really enjoying in figuring out how organism act and how molecules react with others. I had a really pleasant experience in iGEM process. To me, it is not a competition, but a meaningful process to enjoy what I like from the true heart.

Yuqiao Li

Hi, I am Yuqiao Li, and this is my third year in team SMS_Shenzhen. Synthetic biology inspires me to explore further in science, and it enables me to understand this world to a better extent. I like reading novels and listening to music, and I enjoy composing as well.

Shiyuan Wen

Hi! I’m Shiyuan Wen from Shenzhen Middle School. I’m really glad to be a member in SMS iGEM team. I am interested in biology, because the charismatic nature has lots of secretes of life. iGEM provides a valuable opportunity for me to explore life.

Jinfan Huang

Hello everyone! My name is Jinfan Huang and I am a high school student in the Shenzhen Middle School. I like running, listening to musics, and I'm a fan of FC Bayern club. Out of curiosity about the microcosm and love of biotechnology, I joined igem, hoping to enrich my research experience here, and to recognize more like-minded friends.

Meng Sun

Hello everyone! I am Meng Sun from the Senior 3 in the International Curriculum of Shenzhen Middle School. In our iGEM team, I joined the experimental group, the HP group, and the art group. I am a lively and outgoing person who have a wide range of hobbies. I love to dance and to communicate with people around me. Of course, I am also extremely passionate with biology. Therefore, I joined iGEM for my love of micro-scale genetic experiments. I hope that I can learn more professional knowledge about synthetic biology and develop my academic ability during the iGEM competition. I also hope that I can make many like-minded friends and work with them together to strive for the competition.

Yiheng Ye

I’m Yiheng Ye from SMS. I have abundant knowledge about Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, and my interests spread from literature to art. Aiming to apply science knowledge on solving actual problems and those unpredictable issues that come by, I participated iGEM to challenge myself, longing for fascinating “Urica” moments after conquering tasks.

Heyi Xu

Hi, I am Heyi Xu, a senior in Shenzhen Middle School. I love solving real world problems and look synthetic biology as a useful tool, so I participate in iGEM throughout high school years and I am the team leader this year. Enjoying our Pesticide Mate project this year, I hope to make farming more sustainable in the future.

Hanyi Mao

Hi, I’m Hanyi Mao, a junior in SZMS. I designed the project and took part in the theoretical construction of it. With strong interest in biology, I hope our teeth cleaner project this year can not only bring real benefit but also inspire people to learn about synthetic biology.

Qinxi Liu

Hi, I am Qinxi Liu from Shenzhen Middle School. My nick name is Cici. In my spare time, I like drawing and jogging. As for school, physics and biology attract me most by their mysterious but intriguing principles of life, universe and the world we live in. Being one of the IGEM members, I enjoy learning genetic biology apart from classroom and doing experiments based our own design. The logic behind an experiment is rather complex and elaborate, which requires various background information and comprehensive anticipation of various contingency, while a completed project enables us to develop thorough communication and integrated ability. Overall, I love the experience in IGEM and look forward to the any further cooperation ! !


Hello,你好~I am Savanna. I love singing, laughing, watching movies, doing sports and lots of other stuffs. I love bio-science. In iGEM SMS-Shenzhen, I am in charge of artistic field and a member of the HP group. I am glad to be a part of the journey~

Haibo Zhu

Hello, I am Haibo Zhu, a senior middle school student in Shenzhen Middle School. I am very happy to be a member of the iGEM team. Please pay more attention to our project on dental plaque. Thank you~(*°∀°)=3

Yihang Zhao

Hello, everyone. I am Zhao Yihang from Shenzhen Middle School. As a biology enthusiast, I began to study university biology textbooks at a very early age by myself and participated in several biology competitions. In the iGEM competition, I was mainly in charge of our group's Interlab experiment and also took part in some steps of our project's experiment. I hope our project this year can contribute to the development of synthetic biology.

Tianyi Sun

Hi, I am Tianyi Sun, a senior 2 student from SMS with strong passion for both biology and chemistry. I really enjoy the pleasure of walking into the lab, operate various instruments and observe the mysterious world that the naked eye could not see. Joining iGEM, I not only learn more about biological theory and experimentation, but also gain precious friendship. This October, Boston worth everything~

Yuyao Pan

Hello!I’m Yuyao Pan from Shenzhen Middle School. I’m a member of experiment group and HP group. I am interested in biology, so I joined in the group.I want to make friends with people who have common interest with me. Hope the project goes well!

Ziqi Chen

I am Ziqi Chen from SMS. I participated in the art group and HP group of our iGEM team. I understand that iGEM is a “research-based on education” process, and that academia is its essence, meanwhile requiring students to explore independently and guided by scientific research concepts. Besides, I will work in our team with my passion for biology. I also hope to find like-minded partners among them and learn from outstanding scholars.

Sizhe Zhang

I am Sizhe Zhang in Senior Middle School (11). I have always liked biology. I hope that when I am in college, I can take medicine as my major. I joined the iGEM team for a couple of years hoping to learn more about biology and experience the tension and excitement of international competitions: I love trying different things and I want to challenge myself by joining iGEM. I like to do some sports and travel and play some musical instruments in my spare time. I hope you will enjoy your cooperation in the next few months.

Yiquan Hong

Hi, my name is Yiquan Hong, a member of the experiment group. Passionate about the unknown, a documentary was my enlightenment for bioengineering and genetic engineering. So I take part in iGEM to discover more. I have learned a lot during a year's preparation in iGEM, and the main part of my role is Interlab and the wiki's background intorduction. With our effort,I genuinely hope that our "Teeth Guardian" can be beneficial to the public.

Shuya Sheng

Hi, I’m Shuya Sheng, a senior from Shenzhen Middle School. I’ve been interested in biology since I was young. I participate in igem this year to develop my interest in biology and deepen my knowledge of synthetic biology. I hope our efforts can make a difference to the science field and bring benefit to people’s lives.

Ruilin Yang

Hello everyone! I’m Yang Ruilin, a senior two student from Shenzhen Middle School. I have always loved biology since I was a child. I consider biology as a very interesting subject and I think it will be exciting to explore nature and life. I hope I can learn more in iGEM and help protect nature in the future. Welcome 2018!