Team:SMS Shenzhen/Collaborations



- Shenzhen University

During the summer, Shenzhen University kindly shared their laboratory with us, since we needed the microplate reader—which we didn’t have one in our lab—to test the enzyme activity of FruA and Dextranase we expressed with escherichia coli. Also, they gave us some instruction in the experiments of Interlab. Their project this year involves comprehension of the property of chitin. Since our project last year required study of chitin, we shared sufficient information about chitin and some experience we went through with them to push forward their project.

- Shenzhen College of International Education

On October 15, we invited Shenzhen College of International Education (SCIE) to our campus to hold a lecture on synthetic biology and iGEM competition together in order to prevail the idea of synthetic biology and iGEM among high-schoolers. SCIE introduced synthetic biology and explain their project this year to the students, while we introduced iGEM and our project this year.

- Shenzhen Foreign Language School (SFLS)

After a meet up in Shenzhen, SFLS offered to provide us with some modeling resources since no member in our team has modeling experience. Also, we keep helping each other to increase the popularity of our WeChat official accounts by reprinting articles. Noticeably, SFLS kindly shared one of their sponsors with us. We gave SFLS permission to reprint some of our high-quality articles like the Interview of Experienced iGEMers, helping them with exploring the deeper layer of iGEM as experienced insiders. Additionally, SFLS made project propaganda and street interview in Lotus Hill Park, where we went for the same reason last year, so we shared some experience with them to validate their activities to advance their human practice.

- Nanjing Foreign Language School (Nanjing NFLS)

Students from team Nanjing NFLS help us with part characterization and checking our wiki and other works. We also discuss problems we face on phone frequently, and help each other to gather more information.