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We are very thankful to Stanford VPUE, Stanford BIOME, the Stanford Bioengineering Department, the Uytengsu Teaching Lab, and Dennis Wong for assisting in funding our project.

All experiments were conducted by team members.

  1. Primer design and cloning: Conrad Safranek, Luis Govea
  2. Experimental design: Eva Frankel, Isaac Justice, and Eleanor Glockner
  3. Website Design: Luis Govea
  4. Graphic Design: Conrad Safranek, Isaac Justice
  5. Modeling: Luis Govea
  6. Interlab: Eva Frankel, Eleanor Glockner
  7. Funding: Kara Rogers, Alec Lourenco, Eleanor Glockner, Conrad Safranek

First and foremost, we would like to thank our incredible mentors Kara Rogers and Ross Venook for their continual support, from brainstorming to parts submission. We would also like to thank the Stanford Byers Center for Biodesign for providing the framework for our needs finding and starting materials for our class.

We would like to thank Ann Hoschild for her wonderful advice about adapting the Bacterial 2-Hybrid System.

We would like to thank our wonderful lab managers Mong Saetern and Jeffrey Tok for keeping us safe. We would also like to thank Stanford EH&S their advice on aflatoxin safety.

For their assistance with the developed of our CRISPR/Cas9 parts, we would like to thank Stanley Qi and Marie La Russa.

For all of their help with lab procedures from PCR to data collection, we would like to thank Josh Tycko, Ritish Patnaik, and Alec Lourenco.

We would like to thank the 2017 Cornell iGEM team for their website template.