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Our Team
Isaac Justice
Bioengineering '19

Isaac Justice is a senior majoring in Bioengineering. He has both the most synthetic biology experience and the most facial hair on the team. He’s the king of experimental design, transformations, and speaking with confidence.

Notable Quote: “Recapitulate.”

Favorite Type of Pie: Pumpkin

Eleanor Glockner
Bioengineering '19

Eleanor Glockner is a senior majoring in Bioengineering. She founded the iGEM team, recruited all of the members, and found funding. Without her, we wouldn’t be here! She also bakes amazing pies and is our liaison with iGEM teams in China because she speaks fluent Mandarin.

Notable Quote: “I want to be a pig farmer in China.”

Favorite Type of Pie: Apple

Luis Govea
Bioengineering '20

Luis is a junior majoring in Bioengineering. He loves to code and worked on our model. He’s also a champ at PCR! When not pipetting or coding, Luis likes pulling stunts on his penny board.

Notable Quote: “TFTI”

Favorite Type of Pie: Key Lime

Eva Frankel
Bioengineering '20

Eva is a junior majoring in Bioengineering. In the lab, she loves transforming and growing cells and running InterLab. You can find her teaching others how to use the plate reader, practicing her German, or (talking about) doing yoga.

Notable Quote: “It’s time for ice cream.”

Favorite Type of Pie: Cherry

Conrad Safranek
Management Science and Engineering '21

Conrad is a sophomore working towards an MS&E degree. When it comes to primer design and PCR troubleshooting, he’s your guy. Conrad is the most social of us and loves avocados, dogs, and long walks to Philz.

Notable Quote: “I have a Starbucks coupon for a frappuccino but I want a caramel macchiato instead.”

Favorite Type of Pie: Pecan