Team:Stuttgart/Basic Part

Basic Parts

A basic part is a functional unit of DNA that cannot be subdivided into smaller component parts.

BioBrick Type Description Designer Length [bp]
BBa_K2848003 Coding pre-nisin A with internal YAAY- and His-tag Lars Hoeing
Liv Paul
Luca Schelle
BBa_K2848002 Coding chitin deacetylase COD with C-terminal His-tag Alexandra Mack
Benjamin Schaefer

Our group managed to create two new basic parts which are both an improvement of already existing basic parts. BBa_K2848003 is an ORF for the lantibiotic Pre-Nisin A from Lactococcus lactis (BBa_K1365000) with two internal tags added. One is a conventional His6-Tag for easy purification via affinity chromatography. The second one is a tag of our own design, the YAAY-tag. This tag has the function to include tyrosines into nisin A which naturally has none. For our project this was of outmost importance when looking at the enzymatical linkage of nisin A to chitosan using a tyrosinase (see Experiments section).

BBa_K2848002 is the chitin deacetylase COD (BBa_K2380044) with a His-tag added C-terminally. This helps to purify the expressed proteins by affinity chromatography.