Team:Stuttgart/Composite Part

Composite Parts

A composite part is a functional unit of DNA consisting of two or more basic parts assembled together.

BioBrick Type Description Designer Length [bp]
BBa_K2848001 Translational Unit chitin synthase NodC under control of an arabinose inducible promoter and chitin deacetylase COD under control of an IPTG inducible T7 promoter, both including His-tags Alexandra Mack
Benjamin Schaefer
BBa_K2848004 Translational Unit lantibiotic pre-nisin A with internal YAAY- and His-tag under control of an arabinose inducible promoter Lars Hoeing
Liv Paul
Luca Schelle
BBa_K2848000 Translational Unit chitin synthase NodC and chitin deacetylase NodB under control of an arabinose inducible promoter Alexandra Mack
Benjamin Schaefer

BBa_K2848001 is a combination of chitin synthase NodC and chitin deacetylase COD to produce chitosan in E. coli. The part was created based on BBa_K2380002 (NodC created by Team Darmstadt 2017) by inserting our improved version of the COD, BBa_K2848001. A particular property of this composite part is that both coding regions are under the control of promoters which are induced by different molecules. The NodC is controlled by an arabinose inducible promoter and the COD is controlled by an IPTG incucible T7 promoter. This allows sequential expression of the two proteins which might be advantegeous since the final product, a chitosan-pentamer, has antimicrobial effects.

The second composite part we created during this years iGEM project, BBa_K2848004, is an improved version of BBa_K1365000 initially created by Team Groningen 2014. We added an arabinose inducible promoter system and an RBS to obtain a controllable translational unit. Additionally, as already mentioned in the basic parts section, we added a His- and our YAAY-tag internally. The His-tag enables fast purification of the protein by affinity chromatography. Our YAAY-tag offers a linkage site for tyrosinase based linkage.