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Human Practices

Education and Public Engagement

Science day at university


At the day of science of the University of Stuttgart we presented our project to the public. Our stand was hosted by Stuttgart Change Labs. Young and older people visited us, and we had some nice talks about our work. We put a lot of effort in explaining the topic in simple words to the audience. We tried to make them interested in our project in context of the field of synthetic biology. Thereby, we were also confronted with critical questions about genetical engineering, like harming the environment. We handled these questions by pointing out the advantages of synthetic biology e.g. the production of pharmaceuticals, nutrition and consumables. After our explanations the people were surprised about the potential of synthetic biology and seemed to leave our stand with another attitude towards biotechnology.

Summarizing, it was a pleasure to us to give the people an understanding of our project and the field of synthetic biology, despite the burning heat in the tent at this sunny day. In addition, we think that the visitors of our stand took along a positive impress about genetical engineering.

Outreach at science fairs

As part of finding inspiration, fundraising and exchanging with the world for spreading the word about iGEM and TAGC we also visited science fairs in Germany. At the Analytica in Munich we established new contacts to build up our iGEM labotory and we visited various booths. By this we gained knowledge of current developments and techniques in the industry.

In Stuttgart the t5 fair took place. Besides interacting and outreaching with different experts we could collect new ideas and suggestions for our project. Successful outreach and exchange were only small part we can add to our aquisitions of the last couple months.