Neon Coli-Necessary Expression Only



As an active member of iGEM community, Team Tsinghua has always valued collaborations with other iGEM teams. Together with high school teams and undergrads, we have exchanged ideas, provided each other with inspirations and resources. Working together was both fun and productive. It was an experience everyone had enjoyed.

Working With High School Teams

This year we welcomed two high school teams on our campus, RDFZ_China and SHSBNU_China. Tsinghua University provided these teams with lab space and some necessary equipments. We worked closely (physically side by side) all summer, and it was remarkably prolific. Team Tsinghua and instructors from Bluepha have educated the high school teams about lab safety and helped them to find their ways around the lab. Furthermore, being physically no more than five meters away allowed us to be able to bounce ideas off each other at all times. When we were tuning the IPTG induction devices in our NEON system, RDFZ_China provided us with their own IPTG assay with Ptac which actually played an important part in our final design. On October 4th, we were invited to the Northern China High school iGEM Meetup and the safety conference afterwards to share our idea how iGEMers can contribute to the safety awareness in the community.

Working With Fellow Undergrads

Meetups are where teams meet each other and share their ideas, plans and troubles. In September we attended the 5th CCiC, where 25 teams helped us with our questionnaire in HP. Our friends from Peking University provided us with a new transformation technique. We also provided TUST with water samples to test the tetracycline concentration for their project.
We have worked with Tsinghua-A on multiple occasions, helping with each other’s projects and troubleshooting the experiments. They instructed us on the flow cytometer and we shared our experience on IPTG induction. Together we have held an exhibition on synthetic biology in China Science and Technology Museum (CSTM).

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