The first pillar of our project goes to our PIs who have followed us during the whole adventure:
  • Professor Bernard Hallet. Primary PI : Support, Overview and Laboratory Workspace
  • Professor Patrice Soumillion. Secondary PI: Support, Overview and Laboratory Workspace.
  • Professor Charles Hachez. Accompanying PI: support, overview.


The second pillar consists of all the doctoral students and lab technicians who helped, supported and advised us:
  • Sebastian Worms: Ph.D. student, support, overview, in-lab help.
  • Damien Evrard : lab technician, lab help and overview.
  • Ophélie d’Udekem d’Acoz : Ph.D. student, Lab help, Plasmid choiCe adviser.
  • Marie Christine Eloy : Lab technician, fluorescence microscopy support provider
  • Adrien Knoops : Ph.D. student, Lab help and advisor, fluorescence microscopy support
  • Brigitte Delplace : lab technician, lab help and overview.


The third pillar is the outside people who came to strengthen our project and our ideas:
  • Royal Military Hospital: Jean-Paul Pirnay (brainstorming), Daniel De Vos (round-table at the European Parliament) and Maya Merabishvili (previously from G. Eliava Institute of Bacteriophages, Microbiology and Virology, Tbilisi, Georgia, leading country in phages therapy).
  • SCK-CEN : Rob van houdt, Ph.D. in applied science and Engineering (project overview and
  • Ann Van Gysel, CEO and founder Turnstone and BioVox, Life science journalist (moderator at our Biotech4Change event at the European Parliament).
  • Matthieu da Costa, Ph.D. fellow in life sciences


Our core team is the fourth pillar:
  • Célestin de Wergifosse: Team leader, Lab, Communication and Sponsorship.
  • Luca Rigon : Sponsorship, Human Practices, Interlab.
  • Sara Ghoul : Sponsorship and Human Practices.
  • Steve Alarcia : Lab and Research leader.
  • Roland Jaumain : Lab and Research coordinator.
  • Alexandre Jolly: Parts, Lab and Research.
  • Antoine Gérard: Interlab, Lab and research, Wiki.
  • Marine Lefèvre : Sponsorship, Lab and Research, Interlab.
  • Nina de Sousa Oliveira : Interlab, Lab and research, Wiki.
  • Fiona Milano : Lab and Research, Interlab, Wiki.
  • Matthieu Parmentier : Interlab, Lab and research.
  • Pierre Ortegat : Wiki design, IT support.


Last but not least, the final pillar is all our sponsors:
       Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain) gave us the opportunity to achieve our project by supporting us from the beginning. Their help came from different entities: from the LIBST (Louvain Institute of Biomolecular Science and technology, to the SST (Secteur des Sciences et Technologies), the SSS (Secteur des Sciences de la Santé) the School of Biology, and finally, Jean Christophe Renauld, research Pro Rector of the UCLouvain.