Team:UChile Biotec/Attributions


Our team was responsible for almost all the team setup, the lab work, writing protocols and brainstorming, with help from advisors that are acknowledged below. Even though here we mentioned a person in charge of subjects, everyone helped to some extent in almost all the aspects of the Project.


We want to thank José Bernales for supervising our work in the lab contributing with his experience in the last year team. The interlab was realized by Joaquín Acosta, Lucas Araya, Delia Garrido, Paula Rivas and Sebastián Farias. Felipe Muñoz was in charge of all the protocols. Camilo Berrio did the modeling of the aptazymes. The enzymatic assays were performed by Lucas Araya, Felipe Muñoz, Paula Rivas, Sebastian Farias, Delia Garrido. Joaquin Acosta and Leonardo Guzman for the Lyophilization experiments and finally, the detection kit design was done by Camila Vivanco. We want to thank the contributions of Perú.

Human Practices

Solange Presler was in charge of the supervision and advice human practices. Daniel Araneda and Paula Rivas for the logistics and organization of the trip to Chiloé, and Camila Vivanco and Leonardo Guzman for making the contacts in the island. The Protocol of coexistence written by Paula Rivas and Felipe Muñoz. Our participation in the Cycle of science in Talagante was organized by Delia Garrido and Natalie Edwards. The talks in schools thanks to Felipe Muñoz and Paula Rivas, and the visit to the kindergarden war organized by Daniel Araneda. The Latam magazine was written, edited and designed by was Natalie Edwards and Camila Vivanco. Finally, the collaborations with TEC Chihuahua, TEC-CEM and our participation in the Latin American meet-up was organized by Sebastián Farias.

Wiki / Content Generation

Camila Vivanco, Leonardo Juzman, Lucas Araya, Joaquin Acosta designed the project logo. Lucas Araya lucas designed the banner. Camila Vivanco designed the triptych, instruction manual of the device, posters, instagram images and was in charge of the design of the page and Lucas Araya, Leonardo Guzman and Joaquin Acosta for the programming of the page.


In order to finance our participation in the jamboree this year, we had to organize various events, whose logistics was in charge of Daniel Araneda The ones in charge of the crowdfunding were Enzo Galliani and Felipe Muñoz.