Team:UChile Biotec/Meetings


Sharing our projects with other Latin American iGEM teams

It was an enriching experience to get to sit down and talk with different iGEM teams in different instances for talking about our projects sharing tips and questions from interlab to human practice, generating meeting with very useful feedbacks in a bidirectional way. This not only contribute to our project, but also to helped us have a notion of the problems that they had as science students in their countries and how they approach those problems. The video conferences were made with mostly Mexican teams: TEC Chihuahua, TEC-CEM and the Latin American meet-up organized by the last mentioned.


In other ocassion we had the opportunity to interact with latin-american teams, as we were working on the iGEM LATAM magazine for this year. We invite everyone to see this craft, that takes around the situation of these teams in the different latin-american enviroment of work.