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Sabranth photograph

Sabranth Gupta


One of the founding fathers of the iGEM VIT 2018 team, this Fourth year Btech. Biotechnology student is the go-to person of the team to get all our doubts clarified. Whether it be related to the project or even help in general we all know he’s willing to lend us a hand. He is amazing in the way that he ensures that while we do work, we also gain something out of it. One of the determined, selfless heads of the team, he is a wealth of knowledge and resources.
His hobbies include: Watching all the top rated IMDB movies and staying up-to date on the latest scientific advancements and discoveries. More importantly, anything involving giant robots is a huge selling point to Sabranth.

Dhanush photograph

Dhanush Gandavadi

Mathematical Modelling

A complete yin to Sabranth’s yang, he is a person who has a calm, docile air about him. He has the will to learn new things and ensures that he does a good job of it. He is a relentless worker and a deep thinker and has a firm set of morals and ideals. A Final year Btech. Biotechnology student, he loves watching Superhero movies especially the Black Panther series. Working on the mathematical modelling part of the project he’s an essential part of the team!
A dedicated Nanobiotechnology enthusiast, his diplomatic optimism in all situations is something to be looked out for.

Ananya photograph

Ananya Sridhar

Social media

She is this absolutely bubbly, happy, enthusiastic and crazy person. She is a true delight to talk to and has a great sense of humour. She is easily excitable and her voice goes supersonic when excited. To be handled with care. This social butterfly’s social media skills are indispensable to the team. She is a great stalker and even better conversationalist. But don’t let this outer persona fool you. She is an absolute nerd at heart and even has a 9 point CGPA to prove it! A dork in the truest sense of the word. Talk to her about Classics, Saint Bernards, French fries and Penn Masala and lo and behold, you've got a friend for life! A very dramatic one at that too. Some say she might end up as a Kindergarten teacher. A cereal killer is another possibility we like to keep open.

Rudra photograph

Rudra Shekhar Bose


See a tall stick-like personality sporting a blue bag and spouting Harry Potter facts? You’ve found Rudra. A 3 rd year Btech. Biotechnology student, Rudra spends all his free time in the iGEM lab. While not helping us optimize protocol and help plan out experiments, he’ll probably be found asleep curled up like a cat on a chair. He is always on forward gear and amazing at brainstorming. An integral member of the wet-lab team, Rudra plays a crucial role in helping us achieve success in all our experiments.

Anusha photograph

Anusha Saravanan

Human Practices

The last of the four members to have founded the team, Anusha is our head of Human Practices. The centre of all creative thoughts and ideas related to the project and Human Practices department, Anusha somehow manages to keep track and even make sense of them all. While not threatening guys, she'll hurt them in painful ways, you can see Anusha either volunteering at the Make A Difference centre in Vellore or watching episodes of Supernatural in the middle of the night. Creative ways to showcase our idea and bringing in sponsors are also her thing. She is our team's superwoman and we’re really lucky to have her.

Rajeeva photograph

Rajeeva Lokshanan


A 3 rd year Btech Biotechnology major, Rajeeva is very dedicated and does brilliant research. His most expressive side is on display when being offered an ice-cream sandwich which is when you’ll get to witness the real smile brought on by the promise of blissful ice-cream. An introvert who hates conversations somehow manages to spend all his time in the iGEM lab silently working his way around the other members of the wet-lab team. An asset to the wet-lab team and a reminder to all of us that some people can function on little to no sleep because they were too busy playing DOTA all night.

Sreyya photograph

Sreyya Darsshini

Mathematical Modelling

A 3 rd year Btech. Biotechnology student, Sreyya is really good at math and is invaluable to the mathematical modelling part of the team. Sreyya also has what we like to call lizard-o- phobia and emits a shrill, piercing scream every time she spots even the smallest of these reptiles. She is unintentionally funny, smart and very poised. She carries herself with an air of calm trust and sophistication. She also steps up and takes up jobs that no one wants to do. And if that isn’t teamwork, what is?

Sreevatsan photograph

Ratnagiri Sreevatsan Navneetakrishna


A Fourth year Btech. Biotechnology student, Sreevatsan can often be seen roaming the halls of our school building with his tab in hand, engrossed in some research article or other. His diligence helped us keep track of all the deadlines and kept us on track (more or less) and is the main reason the team was all jovial throughout the long and arduous journey that was this year’s project. A member who is as free with his knowledge as he is with a smile, Sreevatsan is the man behind the successful completion of the inter-lab and other follow-up forms that needed to be filled before the Jamboree.

Shatakshi photograph

Shatakshi Pachori


A 3 rd year Btech Biotechnology major, Shatakshi is the go-to foodie of the team. Want to know the best place to have food around VIT, or need to test your food for 5-star approval, she is the one! She is a very responsible mini-adult, who can do research for hours and loves to dig in deeper and has a research-oriented mind. And like all cliché quotes, her smile definitely has miraculous healing powers.
She is working on Human Practices and wet lab work as a part of the project.

Anchit photograph

Anchit Ghai


This 3 rd year Undergrad Biotechnology major student was our sole team member working (actually working) on sponsorships. Getting us sponsors is not his only achievement though, he also specializes in dank memes, and terrible jokes that generally only make him laugh. With a booming laugh though, he does end up cracking up some of our weaker members.

Sahana photograph

Sahana Lakshmi Venkatesh

Human Practices

The nightingale of the iGEM VIT team, this 3 rd year Btech. Biotechnology student member serves as the teams’ war correspondent. She diligently keeps up with all of the emails we receive about collaboration requests and Human Practice activities. With a voice that never fails to lift up spirits when we're down in the dumps to a spirit itself that just flits around making you smile, Sahana is a joy to be around. She was also an integral part of the interlab team and a critical reason for its success.

Vishnu photograph

B Krithi Vishnu


The design guru of the team, this pre-final year Biotechnology student is as efficient as it gets. Silently getting all of our T-shirts, posters and logo designed while slyly commenting on our everyday activities when we least expect it, he is a surprise to us all. A budding Gym enthusiast, the only thing that can beat his love for technology is his love for protein for muscle development. An extremely competent trouble-shooter, he provides a unique perspective we truly need in various aspects of the project.

Gautham photograph

Gautham Ganesh

Wiki Development

Our star web designer is a 3 rd year Integrated Masters Biotechnology student. While not in class or busy writing code, he spends a lot of his time on the volleyball court. In his own words, he belongs to the controversial class of people who consider themselves “vegetarian foodies.” The bridge between the wet-lab team and the wiki-design team, Gautham plays a crucial role in the existence of our wiki. If you love our wiki, which I’m sure you do, at least this way you know whom to give credits to.

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