Team:Baltimore BioCrew


Solving Baltimore health crisis with genetic engineering

In 2017, Baltimore suffered from 301 homicides due to gun violence. As students who live in Baltimore City, we knew that this issue needed to be addressed. We decided to create a cost-efficient alternative to current fibrinogen-laced bandages on the market. Our method to cause blood clots was by expressing Factor V activator RVV-V gamma in E.coli. We intend to embed this protease into a bandage to treat gunshot or stab victims. We have also worked to enhance the expression of tissue plasminogen activator (tPA), an enzyme that causes coagulated blood to degrade. We want to express an optimized sequence of tPA within E.coli. A purified form of this tPA would be used within an IV therapy for patients suffering from heart disease and other illnesses involving invasive blood clots. We hope to help communities in Baltimore by creating more fair and affordable methods of treatment.