Team:Baltimore BioCrew/Composite Part

Composite Parts

We designed six constructs to allow for bacteria to express “Cerastocytin” and the Russell’s Viper Venom serine protease in order to promote coagulation. These constructs were optimized for use with E.coli, however, we also created three variations of each of these constructs, including a His tag in order to purify the proteins, we also replaced the promoter with a lac promoter for two of the samples (also including the His tag).

In addition to our coagulating constructs, we also designed three constructs to reverse the coagulation process by producing tPA and a shortened version of tPA (reptilase). Two of the constructs were designed to produce tPA, with the difference between them being one having a T7 promoter, and the other having a constituent promoter. The construct expressing reptilase used a T7 promoter. However, none of these made it through the cloning process, and as such were not submitted for the registry.

Russell’s Viper:

Optimized: BBa_K2893003

His-Tag: BBa_K2893005

His-Tag and LacI Promoter: BBa_K2893004


Optimized: BBa_K2893001

His-Tag: BBa_K2893002

His-Tag and LacI Promoter: BBa_K2893000