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Gold Medal

Integrated Human Practices

In order to get the maximum benefit of our project, we interlaced the opinons of our national pioneers at our project. We faced many problems to do that. Whether if it was their little number in our homeland or the story of how we got in touch with them and convinced them with what we have.

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Demonstrate your work

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Improve a Previous Part

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Model Your Project

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Silver Medal

Validated Part / Validated Contribution

We have submitted 18 new BioBricks to IGEM registry with selection of 3 for judging validation. All parts have been designed for the purpose of providing an experimental framework of delivering miRNAs through lentiviral transfection. All parts have been provided with experimental characterization on their registry pages, with RFC 10 compatibility assured during designing and synthesis process.

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Our collaboration Differs from any other year we had done. Check our page

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Human Practices

Our human practices for 2018 may not be so different in term of activities when compared to other teams but what we believe qualifies us as the best human practices in public engagement is how we first imagined the big picture and then went deep into details covering those tiny ones.

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Bronze Medal

Register and attend

We have registered and plan to attend the Giant Jamboree on October


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  • Team poster
  • We are all set in our positions to take our role and win

  • Team presentation
  • Eager to be in the 1st day of presentations and fight for our project

  • Safety Forms
  • We have already submitted all the necessary safety forms by the appropriate deadline.

  • Judging Forms
  • We have completed and submitted the judging form by the deadline.


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Characterization/ Contribution

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