Ahmed Ismail

A 6th year medical student at the AFCM. A tough job for a tough man. He, being the leader, was the right choice. He has always been there to keep order and peace between the team mates and help them overcome many obstacles. His supreme dedication to the team helped us finish our project as perfect as could be…

Mohamed Salah

A 6th year medical cadet at the AFCM. He thinks he's got the charisma to be a great leader in the future but till then he's our first presenter. Our Shakespeare, though he's never serious, just give him a clue about your idea and the words will flow out of his mouth like a running river.

Ahmed Hamdy

This is my 3rd year participating in IGEM

Ahmed Abdel-Aal

A 6th year medical student at the AFCM. The creative man with available answers to your questions in Metagenomics anywhere and anytime.

Ziad Nagy

A 5th year medical student at the AFCM. He is that meticulous guy that puts everything the team does under his peculiar magnifying glass of his. He's a funny guy, with a hat full of hilarious jokes. He's a friend of yours until you mess up with anything of iGEM's work, he would rather then witch-hunt you until you fix up your work perfectly the way he likes it.

Mahmoud AbdelGawad

He's interested in simplifying complexities of synthetic biology to more interesting and simplified ideas. He merges these ideas with some events that could help the community get more attached to science.

Badr Mohamed

A 5th year medical cadet at the AFCM. One of the main pillars of the team that we rely on. He's our savior, he's got our back at many times at different scary deadlines. He's also known as "the team typewriter", he probably types faster than he speaks. He seems serious when you see him, but he's one of the funniest when you get to know him

Mohamed Tarek

A 4th year medical student at AFCM who is so interested in bioinformatics and computational biology. His favorite hobby is to apply computational processing on clinical data and to create innovative synthetic biology designs for targeting cancer biology.

Mohamed Hossam

A third year medical student at the Armed Forces College of Medicine. Freshly twenty! This is his first year participating in iGEM, but we think he did a great job and wish him a bright future!

Mohamed Adel

A 4th year medical student "Bio-informatician. He's very fond of bio-informatics, and believes that by applying it in the real life we will be able to achieve marvelous things.

Yasser Ayman

A 3rd year medical student at the AFCM. That sarcastic dude, who's always laughing around. He's never serious about anything, but his work speaks about him in a different way. His video making skills and editing gives you the impression that he's not kidding around at all.

Filobatir Samuel

A 3rd year medical student at the AFCM. AKA filo, cameraman, camera guy. He loves everybody, but not as much as he loves his camera. You can make fun of him, but don't you dare make fun of his shots. Honestly speaking though his photographs are always awesome, just like he is …

Ahmed Samir

3rd year medical student. He's a Charmer who believes that Design is where the Art and science break even.

Aly Morsy

A third year medical cadet at the armed forces college of medicine. Youngest team member but he has a great ambition. Synthetic biology, bioinformatics and lab work have always been of his great interests.

Mohamed Gamal

A 21 year-old third year medical cadet, it is his first year in iGEM. Research for him has been a synonyms for passion, commitment and much discipline"

Saif Wahba

A 3rd year medical cadet. He joined iGEM because he believes that the true worth of medical knowledge is only attained when it improves the quality of a life.

Osama Saber

"If you can't explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough" Einstein He's a Forth year medical cadet. Always reading, painting and doing sport. He also has bioinformatics background, assisting in lab work and human practice.

Ahmed Salah

"A 2nd year oral and dental medical student at the BUC. A bright young man with lots of potentials you definitely feel his absence not because of the missing chors but because of the fun and cozy atomosphere that he creates when around.

Natalie Abd-Elhamid

"A 4th year biotechnologist at MSA. A hard worker is not enough to describe her. She's just more than that. She's a sweet character, a friendly one. She's smart, full of talents and willing to help everyone that asks for her assistance.

Mariam Qattan

"A 20 year-old , oral and dental medical student at the SCU. She's a social spontanteous person, in love with the ancient Egyptian civilization. She's also smart and likes medicine. The touches she made in our social media were impressive and definitely have made a difference for the team.


Dr Amr Hegab

Our Dean At AFCM, MS , FRCS , MBBCh , M.D.. Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT)

Dr Ayman Shafei

Our Primary PI and Former Dean of AFCM

Dr Mahmoud Ahmed Ali

Our Secondary PI and Former Vice Dean of AFCM

Dr Mohamed Saad

Vice Dean at AFCM

Dr Mostafa Elnakib

MD Microbiology, and Immunology is a Consultant of Infection Prevention Control. He is also the Member of clinical trial team for assessment of the Non-Invasive (ELF-EM) waves technique.

Dr Shrief Elkhamisy

Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics at the University of Science and Technology. Director of the Center for Genomics.

Dr Marwa Matboly

Lecturer in the Department of Medical biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Dr Mohamed Farah


Dr Hana AbdelZaher

Researcher at AFCM. Currently pursuing a Master's Degree in in Biotechnology at AUC. Interests include Molecular immunology & Tumor biomarkers

Dr Mai Osama

Researcher at AFCM. Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology at MSA university. Interested in Molecular Biology and Cancer

Maged Reda

A 6th year medical cadet at the AFCM. "The joker ", he's that man that can do it all. He knows what every person does in this team and is capable of filling his shoes. Everyone loves him, but don't you ever forget a task he asks you to do or else you have to meet the monster.