Special Thanks To

Asst.Prof.Dr. Urartu Özgür Şafak ŞEKER 

We are so grateful that he has introduced us the iGEM World and offered us a chance to participate in such a prestigious competition as a member of Bilkent UNAMBG iGEM Team. Beside his mentorship and leadership, we also want to thank him for providing us with an opportunity to benefit from his Synthetic Biosystems Laboratory equipment and the adjustment of our financial resources.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ali Osmay GÜRE

We are so grateful that Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ali Osmay GÜRE, who is also our secondary PI and the Chairman of Molecular Biology and Genetics Department in Bilkent University, for his help for adjusting our budget.


PhD Student Ebru ŞAHİN KEHRİBAR is our advisor and pathfinder. She always has a understanding, informative and kind attitude to us. She has enlightened us with her experience and knowledge. She has taken a great part in team building and organized us with her leadership. She has offered help with our experiments plan and guided us during our experiments.

MSc Student Özge BEĞLİ

Our advisor Özge, who is a master student in UNAM, has been not only our advisor but also our friend from the beginning of our project. She tried her best to help us every time we were facing a difficulty. She has shared her ideas about designs, experimental procedures and troubleshooting with us. Besides that her emotional support was one of the most important things that motivated us to overcome all the hardships we have encountered. We want to thank her specially for never giving up on supporting and believing us.

PhD Student Behide SALTEPE

PhD Student Behide SALTEPE has involved in organization of our team and she has shared her precious ideas and experience with us during initial processes of project design.


MSc Student Nedim HACIOSMANOĞLU has shared both his pZs-Kan-mCherry plasmid, which we used as the initial backbone for our BFR construct, and ideas about modelling, designing magnetic assays on our BFR construct.

PhD Student Recep Erdem AHAN

PhD Student Recep Erdem AHAN has helped us for visualization of our biofilm, which has formed of csgA protein, via Crystal Violet Assay, Congo Red Assay and Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). These assays and visualization techniques enable us to confirm whether our biofilm is formed or not. He has also offered us a different strategy about our experiments and pathways to overcome problems.

MSc Student Musa Efe IŞILAK

MSc student Musa Efe IŞILAK has helped us with the visualization of our csgA protein and shared his precious ideas about our project.

All members of Synthetic Biosystems Laboratory for helping us with their precious ideas and supplying their equipment when we need of.

Additional Thanks

Pelin Rabia KURAN is a Graphic Design student at Bilkent University. She is the creative mind behind our banner and our logo. She has spared time and exhibited great job.

PhD Student Abdullatif Önen is a research assistant at UNAM. He has the talent for animating our project with a great effort.

Merve İşler designed our wiki page.

İbrahim Gülen has shared his knowledge on antibiotics and antibiotic resistance from a different perspective considering animals. His motivation for our ongoing project and advices for new project ideas are so meaningful for us. We are grateful to Veterinarian İbrahim Gülen and his colleagues for their hospitality at their clinic.

Dr. Mine IŞIK ARIGÜN has shared her knowledge about antibiotics, today’s concern and future’s possible outcomes which are expected. She has given the idea that we need of while we were planning our project, which later on it has led our project to its final purpose. We are grateful that she has enlighten us with her knowledge and has helped us to build our project’s final pathway.

Prof.Dr. İdil Arslan Alaton has given us inspiration from her speech about antibiotic contamination in our waters and ineffective treatment facilities that are not going be preventive for increasing antibiotic resistance Moreover, she has shared her knowledge about remediation and treatment facilities via interview. We are so grateful that she has indicated the path of inspiration for our project.