1. Toronto

This year our projects are on similar topics with Toronto iGEM team, we both worked on antibiotic remediation from wastewater using different approaches. We sent Toronto team a peptide sequence that could be helpful in their research and they sent us a model they use in their project that could help improving our project in further steps.

  1. OUC-China

OUC-China team  prepared a fun comic book to tell public about synthetic biology and we translated the comic book into our language, Turkish to use in promoting our project, iGEM and the synthetic biology applications. Here you can see the cover of the English version. For Turkish translation of the comic book, see the link below.

  1. Bielefeld-CeBiTec

We collaborated with Bielefeld-CeBiTec team by brainstorming and sharing ideas for our project modelling


  1. METU-HS

We collaborated with METU-HS as the two teams representing Ankara. They provided us with magnets and other tools that we can use in our magnetism experiments to test the  activity of our parts and we helped them with protocols and experimental issues.

5-    MEETUP


Turkish Meetup

On 8th September, we joined the Turkish meetup organized by METU-HS team. In the meetup we got the chance to hear about the projects of other teams directly from them and to present  our project to the fellow iGEMers.