Saline soil could affect the growing of the crop such as wheat and rice. As the traditonal method of curing saline soil is hard and inefficient , we decide to deal with this global challenge in a new way. Several part in bacteria was designed, which can decrease the concentration in the range.

By modifying a potassium channel by D-alanine , a non-natrual amino acid ,we get a novel channel protein which allow K+ get thought in the high concentration of K+ and allow Na+ get thought in the low concentration of K+.Because of the use of D-Ala, A part for importing non-natrual amino acid into the bacteria was established.

We analyzed the proteins and tested them by molecular dynamics simulation and quantum chemistry,and a mathematics model of the relation of cell and salt concentrate had been founded.

We will use the patch clamp and a new method to test the protein and bacteria in solution,After experiment of our cell ,we are going to use it into agricultural and water-purification processes.