MOSFET Monitoring and Operating System Founded on Engineered T cells
One of the main design goals in engineering is to improve
SYSTEM STABILITY by reducing noise.
Similarly, in designing synthetically engineered genetic circuits,
we try to reduce the impact of complex intracellular environment on gene circuits,
especially in mammalian cells.
Therefore, we present our design to solve the problem of
NOISE in mammalian cells and wider applications of synthetic biology
on them hoping to make further contribution to HUMAN HEALTH.
We, the iGEM team of NAU,
inspired by MOSFETs, simulate the function of a MOSFET
with designed genetic circuits in mammalian cells.
On top of that, we also carry out simulations
with MODELSof the gene circuits.
For more iGEMers and teams' communication,
our team develop an APP called iGEMCloud.