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Working molecule iGEM. The inspiration for "Working molecule" comes from a Japanese anime called "はたらく細胞". The difference is that this animation anthropomorphizes all kinds of cells, but we regard people as molecules instead. Because everyone is similar to a molecule, which has its own use and value, even if this value has not been discovered. Everybody has his or her own duties and steps, and there will be a “mutation” and create many beautiful accidents and progress. Since liver cancer is caused by a variety of molecular combination mutations, we do can use this method to explain and promote our own concept of biosynthesis better. In this spirit, we did many things, and tried our best to perform it in a “Working molecule” way.

InterLab Song

In China, there is a very famous program named " The Rap of China" this summer. So, our CSU_CHINA members kept up with the trend, wrote what they had done in the lab into lyrics, and sang themselves. Finally, we made it into a MV. In the context of the spread of words as the main body, our goal is to create a special, wider social influence. Combining laboratory life with the current popular rap elements and creating a highly recognizable song.

We uploaded this mv to bilibili (similar to YouTube in China) and won the praise and support of many netizens(view counts:11000+). It shows that we have the power to let more people understand the culture of the lab in a popular and young way.

HBV emoji

Emoji is an internet meme that everyone likes very much. On this basis, CSU_CHINA team members made a group of "Hepatitis B Virus emoji", carefully selected seven most popular styles, and uploaded it to QQ's sticker mall at last. For everyone to download and use. (Aren’t they lovely?)

Popularization of Synthetic Biology

On September 19, 2018, the iGEM team of Central South University launched a special science class at Bocai Excellence Primary School in Changsha.

In the class,the team members taught the knowledge of microbiology, DNA and genetics, and genetic engineering to students.In the class,we use the science books which wrote by our partner(Ocean University of China)for primary and secondary school students. The handbook uses the form that can be easily understood by primary and secondary school students, combined with comics, to explain the synthesis through the story on the ‘E. coli spacecraft’.In this special science class, the team members explained biographical knowledge from the four parts of “Into the colorful microbial living world”, “Where the mysterious genes are”, “Exploring the story of gene expression” and “Charm of genetics”.

The students showed great interest. The class atmosphere is active, and everyone raises their hands and ask various interesting questions about the mystery of gene. Students propose their own ideas and unique designs, which greatly enlarge their realizations in biology. 

After class, many students came to communicate with the teacher. We have found that many students have a strong interest in biology. In their spare time, they also like to read bio-related science books.

It also proves that the Chinese Ocean University’s handbooks can make students take interested in biology.I believe that this science popularization can arouse students' interest in biology and let more children know the magical and colorful biological world.

“Working molecule” flash mob

Liver cancer is one of the most malignant tumors with the highest mortality rate. About 383,000 people die of liver cancer every year in China, accounting for 51% of the total number of deaths from liver cancer in the world. The severe situation has brought a heavy burden to China's society and medical care, and it is imperative to change. CSU_CHINA is carried out around the molecular-gene therapy of liver cancer.

Nowadays, with the development of science and technology and freedom of behavior, we have a variety of ways to bring people bio-medical knowledge. A Flash Mob just provides us with such a stage, with strong expressiveness, distinct movement speech, combined with the hot anime "Working Cells" to compose dance. So that more people could pay attention to liver cancer and handle it positively and correctly.

In addition, we meticulously prepared a cute leaflet that briefly explains the basics of liver cancer and some questions close to daily life. (etc.: what kind of person will get the big chance to suffer liver cancer?)

Questionnaires are also an integral part of the project. In this survey, we roughly divided it into three parts: First, after watching the CSU_CHINA “Working molecule” flash mob, do people know more about liver cancer? Second, professional questions about the disease of liver cancer; third, what is the attitude that people towards our project? Here are some of the results.

When the participants completed the questionnaire, our volunteers would immediately issue a tri-fold page with the correct answers and explanations to explain the reasons correctly and scientifically to the participants. On the back of the tri-fold page, a brief introduction to the CSU_CHINA project was also printed to let more people know what our project is studying, what the mechanism is, and what changes can be made to the world.

From above, it is not difficult to find that the “Working molecule” flash mob has achieved a result, which made everyone at the scene has a deeper understanding of our project and liver cancer itself. May be the charm of “Working molecule”, We have also attracted many local media platforms to interview and report, such as Red Net, Sina Weibo, and YIDIANZIXUN.

Exchange Meeting

A few days ago, the iGEM team of Central South University and the National University of Defense Technology jointly held a meeting and exchange meeting. During the meeting, both leaders showed the basic situation of their team and the progress of their own project. Besides, all the members had a heated discussion. Everybody had a unforgettable experience!Calling for more people to pay attention to and participate in iGEM, which has contributed to expanding the influence of biosynthesis on society.


After we made the flyers of the comics and the tri-fold pages of the questionnaire, in addition to the distribution of the youth street, we went to the Hunan Cancer Hospital to further carry out our project. Among the 100 best general hospitals in China, Hunan Cancer Hospital or the Cancer Hospital affiliated to Xiangya School of Medicine of Central South University is a "Grade IIIA" specialized cancer hospital and is certified by JCI. The hospital integrates medical care, research, education It is the cancer prevention research center of Hunan Province, the base of Hunan Provincial Cancer Medical Center, the Institute of Cancer Research, the Provincial Office of Cancer Prevention Research, the National Drug Clinical Trial Institutions, and Hunan Provincial Anti -Cancer Association.

【Hunan Cancer Hospital emblem】

We were fortunate to have invited Li Jianliang, deputy chief physician of the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Medicine of Hunan Cancer Hospital, to show us the basic situation of liver cancer patients in the hospital, and what are the latest and effective treatment methods. Then, the CSU_CHINA team members handed the prepared flyers and tri-fold pages to Dr. Li and explained to him the ideas of the team project and the experimental materials that would be used. After listening to the general introduction of the project, Dr. Li began an ardent discussion with us and kept asking us questions. Finally, we listened to some of Dr. Lee’s recommendations which is to update the HSV-TK in our experiment to anti-PD1, use immunotherapy to kill the tumor instead. And this decision indeed made the rest of our project went on more smoothly.

【This day is just the Mid-Autumn Festival, a lovely elderly patient is doing activities.】

【Dr. Li is working】