Team Members


Li Shanni
Shanni Li is the associate dean of School of Life Science at Central South University, Republic of China. Her research direction is Sports Biochemistry and Physiology. She has made outstanding progress in the long-term study of sports medicine.

Xia Kun
Kun Xia is the principal investigator of the Xia Lab, Medical Genetic Research Center at the Central South University, Changsha, Republic of China. He has made outstanding progress in the functional study of neurodegenerative pathogenic genes GJB3, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease related genes after his long-term commitment to genetic disease causative gene mapping, cloning and functional studies. e-mail:


Li Jiada
Jiada Li received the Ph.D. degree in Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Republic of China, in 2001. After graduation, he did his postdoctoral research in Universities of California, Irvine. Since July 2009, he joined the Medical Genetic Research Center at the Central South University, Changsha, Republic of China, where he currently serves as a Professor and the scientific director of Department of Cell Biology. His work is to study the pathogenesis of major genetic diseases in humans at the level of cell and mouse models, and develop new therapeutic approaches.

Team Leader

Xiangyu LI
Hey guys,My name is Li Xiangyu,the student leader of CSU_CHINA.This is our first year to take part in the competition.I hope we will have a good trip to America.

Student Members

Shi Qingxin
My name is Qingxin Shi, a 20-year-old boy from Central South University. My major is life science and now I’m a junior student. This year is my first time to enjoy myself in iGEM and I am in charge of the online submission of our team CSU_CHINA and doing experiments. I’m so glad to master many new skills to make me be better and make many outstanding new friends. iGEM makes my life more colorful and I want to meet more interesting friends. Let’s do our best here!

Liu Jiamiao
Hello! I am a junior student(20 year-old) of clinical medicine from CSU-China. I have extensive hobbies, eg. watching drama, singing songs and reading novels. Moreover, I am very good at basketball.
Major contribution to the project:organiser of Human Practice, collaborator-in-chief, video editor and assistant designer.

Li Yunfeiyang
My name is Li Yunfeiyang, a 20 years old, currently studying at Central South University majored in psychiatry. I’m mainly in charge of writing Wiki. I enjoyed a lot while being a part of our iGEM team.

Yu Shangcheng
My name is Shangcheng Yu, a 21-year-old boy, currently studying at Central South University majored in biological science. I’m mainly in charge of the experiment part of our whole IGEM project. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to music and watching cartoons. Discussing research progress and exchanging ideas about science especially in the field of immunology is also my favor. I’m outgoing and willing to make friends. For any related question, you can feel free to contact my e-mail below.

Xiang Zhaoyang
My name is Zhaoyang Xiang, and I am a senior pharmacy student at Central South University. Very interested in anime. As a cat-loving person, I usually like to take some funny videos for my cat. Of course, I also like to play games when I am free. I love Azeroth! For the league!

21 years old Xiaojiaqi in the house!Hi this is xiaojiaqi from pharmaceutical department and now working as the team member of experiment and hp groups. Enjoy our research.

Li Jiayi
I am a Year 3 Biological Science student. I love sightseeing , dancing and eating mooncake, especially lava egg custard mooncake! The reason why I joined iGEM not only I wanted to try something new but also I can learn more about synthetic biology. During these months, I have learned how to be a scientific researcher, how to draw a beautiful chart, how to teach people learn a dance in a few days and how to cooperate well with others.

Yao Keyu
My name is Yao Keyu. I am 20 years old now ,but in my heart,forever 18. I am currently a junior student of Central South University. My major is Detection, guidance and control technology.I'm honored to participate in this competition. In the CSU-CHINA team ,I am an art designer.I spend most of my time on designing the poster 、website design and so on. I have lots of interest, such as singing, dancing, drawing and so on.On vacation,I usually like to have the Volunteer Travel.

Yang Ying
This is Ying Yang, such a girl who is crazy about lovely animals, a big fan of Avril Lavigne, and a hiker.She can be one of those who always feel better when dancing, for music can be the best cure whenever.

Peng Xiandong
Nice to meet you. I am Xiandong Peng. I come from Hunan Province , which is in the middle south of our country, China.I am a college student studying life sciences and have a special passion for liver cancer and lung cancer research. I hope that my research career will have no regrets.

Dong Yufan
Dong Yufan, the junior undergraduate majored in biological sciences, acts as a member of the CSU_CHINA in 2018 iGEM. St.Dong is dedicated in studying the molecular mechanism of special gene related to certain genetic diseases during these two years, as well as participating in several kinds of social activities like the student union, communication in the institution of neurobiology, summer school in HKU, and so forth.
Besides, st.Dong has a great passion on music esp piano, and all kinds of sports.


Shuai Guo
Shuai is currently a student at the CSU where he gained more than 5 years of lab training and research experience. After reading about the recent significant achievements and landmark discoveries being made in biomedical research via synthetic biology method, his interest in this field became overwhelming. He is not only a diligent student with a keen interest in synthetic biology, but also is a young man with good understanding and summarizing ability.

Yuelin Chen
Yuelin really enjoys the iGEM journey and the vibrant community it provides. Her love towards Biology is in her DNA. Her ultimate goal is to thrive in the competitive world together with the team and spread the joy of being a semi-nerd.

Weiqian Zeng
Weiqian got her Doctor degree in Ouyang’s lab, Peking University. Her interest is on the rational design of biology systems, based on reverse engineering method. In her beliefs, the future biological systems are predictable and controllable. One of her research purposes is to explore the envelope of our rational design capabilities.