Team:CSU CHINA/Collaborations


Collaboration with NUDT_China

Before the interlab part, we started to have experimental communication with the team of national defense university of science and technology. Thank you for the friends of NUDT_CHINA for sharing Escherichia coli and DH5, and hope you all can have a good harvest in the end.
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Collaboration with ZJU-China

       Meetup helps communication much easier. This year, our student leader Xiangyu Li of CSU-CHINA team came to the ZJU's laboratory and built connections with ZJU-China. After brief presentations, we exchanged views on our respective projects. It's pleased to know how a experienced team works and thinks in their own way.
       Keep in touch and inspire more!
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Collaboration with OUC-CHINA

       In the social practice section, our team worked with the team of Ocean University of China. The handbook prepared by Ocean University of China introduces some of the knowledge in genetic engineering in the form of comics. We used their handbooks to conduct science activities in elementary schools and got good results. Before that, we have been planning a science class in elementary school, so the cooperation with Ocean University of China has helped us a lot. Thanks to the help of Ocean University of China.
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This year is the first year for us to participate in iGEM, so we get helped from many experienced teams, especially the following teams.


It was indeed a pleasure to accept a hand from NUDT_CHINA as we are a totally new team. They helped us a lot when we are in the Interlab part and show us how to read protocol more effectively. Besides, their teacher brought us a vital question about the up-regulation threshold of miRNA concentration in liver cancer cells’ determination. We are really grateful for their gorgeous adds.
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We communicated through video conference talking about how to organize a team and what is the key point during the whole competition season. What’s more, they presented their projects to us and got a bunch of helpful suggestions as well.
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This year we also formed close connection with Nanjing-China, which is a really experienced team. To begin with, members of Nanjing-China introduced everything about iGEM to us as comprehensively as possible. During our time of building up a real team, they offered timely help and advice feasible to solve our problem through social media. We sincerely thanks for the help that they provided with!
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We contact with the members of UESTC-China through a meeting after they came back from Boston last year. They took an in-depth understanding of the iGEM competition, mentoring us on establishing a team and registration, as well as telling us a series of precautions. Their help is really important for us to build our team this year.
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