Connecting global research

Our contribution to a huge parts collection.

The concept of iGEM is based on the exchange of internationally provided DNA sequences. These sequences are called Biobricks and are collected in a big database, which grows steadily as iGEM progresses. In this way, teams all over the globe can benefit from the part collection and improve the work that was done previously by other teams, to drive the research further.

Basic parts and composite parts

Basic parts are functional DNA units that cannot be divided into smaller parts. A construct of multiple basic parts is called a composite part. Here, the functionality of a basic part was increased through the implementation of different functional sites. The parts of our team are listed and shortly described in the following table:

<groupparts>iGEM18 Goettingen</groupparts>

Furthermore, we have characterized an existing part. We have selected the part BBa_E2050 (mERP), which we have used for transformation of different B. subtilis strains. Because the plasmid pSB1C3 does not contain an origin of replication for B. subtilis, we have cloned the fluorophore gene using the plasmid pAC7 and transformed the E. coli strain DH5α with the resulting plasmids. The fluorophore gene was also fused to a self-made promoter, which is characterized by a good consensus sequence for the housekeeping sigma factor A and a perfect ribosome binding site (RBS) of B. subtilis. Further information can be found on the parts registry sites. Some of the constructed B. subtilis strains were used for the competition experiments (please check out the Results section).