The members of the iGEM team Göttingen

Rica Bremenkamp
Age: 22
Favourite subject: Genetics, future [micro]biology
Character: Bubbly, sporty spice
Why iGEM: Because it gives you the opportunity to work on your own project as a team.
Future perspective: Patent millionaire
Favourite microbe: Oenococcus oeni
Favourite method: β-Galactosidase assay
Jonas Jennrich
Age: 24
Favourite subject: Forensic sciences
Character: Little bit shy until I get to know you better
Why iGEM: For the credit points and I really like to work in the lab
Future perspective: Hopefully, I get hired in industry
Favourite microbe: Be. cooli DH5α or E. subtilis SP1
Favourite method: RNA extraction
Veronika Lutz
Age: 22
Favourite subject: Biochemistry, astrobiology
Character: Curious, adventurous, reliable
Why iGEM: I do not want to miss the opportunity to improve my lab skills, learn how to work in a team and to work on a longterm project.
Future perspective: Ice cream saleswoman on Bondi beach
Favourite microbe: Aliivibrio fischerii
Favourite method: Protein purification
Janek Meißner
Age: 21
Favourite subject: Microbiology
Character: Open-minded, gentle giant, optimist
Why iGEM: IGEM brings together young international students that work on current research topics. What makes it so great is the opportunity to plan and conduct your own project from scratch. This is the perfect preparation for the future life as a scientist. I like it as it is a challenge with a promising result, able to influence the whole world.
Future perspective: Acquire a PhD in microbiology or molecular genetics
Favourite microbe: Methanogenic Archea like Methanococcus
Favourite method: Plasmid preparation
Malte Holmer
Age: 23
Favourite subject: Physical chemistry, theoretical biology
Character: Nerdy, enthusiastic
Why iGEM: In my future I’d like to get involved in bioinformatics, as I love to work with everything tech related. Therefore being the “IT”-guy in the team was a good challenge to push my limits in the area of bits, bytes and information technology.
Future perspective: Ph. D. in Bioinformatics (aka hackerman)
Favourite microbe: Phages (technically not living, but what’s not to love virus, the most abundant "organisms" on earth)
Favourite method: Javascript (jk)
Dennis Wicke
Age: 21
Favourite subject: Molecular microbiology
Character: Determined, cheerful, happy
Why iGEM: For me the iGEM competition provides the chance to personally improve in certain fields of science. The competition also allows students to share ideas in order to solve problems in a team.
Future perspective: Hopefully not being homeless
Favourite microbe: Pyrococcus furiosus
Favourite method: Transformation of competent bacteria
Robert Warneke
Age: 23
Favourite subject: Genetics
Character: Eager, open-minded, ants in the pants
Why iGEM: There is nothing better than being able to plan and carry out your very own ideas. iGEM is a great opportunity to get insights in project management and to learn about can be achieved with synthetic biology.
Future perspective: Become a geneious
Favourite microbe: Clostridium aurantibutyricum
Favourite method: Gibson assembly
Marie Wensien
Age: 24
Favourite subject: Enzyme catalysis, biological chemistry, space microbiology
Character: Mixture of ambitious, casual and northern
Why iGEM: It is a great opportunity to gain important skills for the future, not only by learning the methods during lab work but also by training our organizational skills and how to work as a team. In addition, it will be very interesting to go to Boston to present our project to students from all over the world who share the same interest and get to know about the other projects.
Future perspective: Grand Prize Winner of the iGEM competition 2018
Favourite microbe: Citrobacter freundii
Favourite method: Bradford protein assay
Lisa Schulz
Age: 25
Favourite subject: Medical microbiology
Character: Ambitious, lab-rat, loving the outdoors
Why iGEM: The participation in the iGEM competition is a once in a lifetime opportunity, where you learn all about the different facets that are required to successfully tackle research questions and that allows you to realize your own ideas.
Future perspective: Ph.D. in Microbiology
Favourite microbe: Treponema pallidum
Favourite method: Working with fluorescent proteins, determination of α-amylase activity
Fabian M. Commichau
Age: Undefinable
Favourite subject: Molecular evolution and physiology
Character: Explosive, pessimistic
Why iGEM: After a five-year break, the batteries are recharged to supervise again an iGEM team.
Future perspective: Working in the wet lab again.
Favourite microbe: Bacillus et al.
Favourite method: SPINE
Jörg Stülke
Age: 54
Favourite subject: Microbiology
Character: Gentle, optimistic
Why iGEM: The best way to make the world a better place
Future perspective: Let's see what the future brings!
Favourite microbe: Bacillus subtilis, what else?
Favourite method: SubtiWiki
Sherlock subtilis
AKA: Weedkiller killer
Age: 45 minutes
Favourite subject: Identification and inactivation of the Weedkiller!
Character: Curious, painstaking, rapid swimmer, evolving far more quickly than Darwin ever imagined!
Why iGEM: It offers me the opportunity to become even more famous in the bacterial world.
Future perspective: Become more efficient in doing my job: seek and destroy the weedkilla!
Favourite human: Members of the iGEM Team Göttingen 2018.
Favourite method: N-acetylation of weedkiller!