We sincerely appreciate all the people who helped us during the process of our project. Without their assistance, this project wouldn't have gone on smoothly.

General Support

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to our team advisor and PI, Dr. Wei Wei. His endless enthusiasm and meaningful guidance towards our research could not be more greatly appreciated.

Modeling Support

We'd like to express our gratitude to our teammate Ruoyan Zhang, an undergraduate student, for taking time off her busy schedule to assist in our mathematical modeling and data analysis.

Measurement Support

We would like to thank our secondary PI Peiqing Sun and our advisor Kunlun Li, for their guidance of instrument operation. And also, we would like to thank our teammate Yuanyuan Li and Zhaoqing Hu, undergraduate students, for their contributions to the accomplishment of InterLab measurement.

Human Practices Support

We would like to thank the following people for their support in our human practices efforts:

Deputy manager of Sinofert Holdings limited, Mingwei Feng, for providing vital contact information of some chemical fertilizer companies due to the interest in our project and human practices.

Xuejiang Wang and Yongtao Chen, the R & D department managers from Sinofert Holdings limited, for providing guidance and feedback for our project.

Our teammate Qian Dong, for taking time off her busy schedule to assist in the contact with people.

And our PI, Dr. Wei Wei, for his unwavering support and endless enthusiasm towards our Human Practices projects.

Other support

We would like to thank our teammate Yansong Huang and Xiangyu Xu, for their extraordinary skill in picture editing, which helps us well demonstrate our design and results; Yuanyuan Li and Yifan Ma, for their proficient accomplishment of paperwork; Yixuan Cui and Zhaoqing Hu, for their efforts to accomplish crucial experiments in the project; and Vinoo Selvarajah, the Director of the Registry and iGEM HQ Representative for the 2018 competition, for patiently answering our questions and kindly reminding us of vital deadlines and freezes.
Special appreciation is given to our team leader Haojie Jiang, without the effort who has devoted, we wouldn’t have been a member of iGEM.


First and foremost, we would like to thank Dr. Jing Zhao and Wei Wei for providing us with vital financial and intellectual support. We would also like to appreciate the school of life science, Nanjing University for the assistance to our team.