Team:Nanjing-China/Basic Part


Part name Short Description Long Description:
BBa_K2740012 CR1 nifB CR1 nifB encodes nitrogen fixation protein NifB that is essential for biosynthesis of the active-site nitrogenase cofactor. If the CR1 nifB was deleted, the nitrogen fixation would not happen.
BBa_K2740013 CR1 nifH CR1 nifH encodes nitrogenase reductase NifH, which is an electron donor to the molybdenum-iron (MoFe) protein, contributing to the electron transport in the nitrogen fixation system.
BBa_K2740014 CR1 nifD CR1 nifD encodes the subunit alpha (NifD) of the molybdenum-iron (MoFe) protein.
BBa_K2740015 CR1 nifK CR1 nifK encodes the subunit beta (NifK) of the molybdenum-iron protein. Together with NifD, they form a α2β2 heterotetramer.
BBa_K2740016 CR1 nifE CR1 nifE encodes the cofactor NifE for the maturation of functional molybdenum-iron protein.
BBa_K2740017 CR1 nifN CR1 nifN encodes the cofactor NifN for the maturation of functional molybdenum-iron protein.
BBa_K2740018 CR1 nifX CR1 nifX encodes nitrogen fixation protein NifX that favors the insertion of molybdenum-iron protein cofactors into nitrogenase.
BBa_K2740019 CR1 HesA CR1 HesA encodes a NAD/FAD-binding protein, HesA, which is involved in molybdopterin and thiamine biosynthesis. It plays an important role in nitrogen fixation and is responsive to the availability of molybdenum.
BBa_K2740020 CR1 nifV CR1 nifV encodes homocitrate synthase NifV that enables the synthesis of the homocitrate moiety of the molybdenum-iron protein cofactor.