Hello, everyone! We are a group of students with everlasting passion and perseverance from Nanjing University, and we can’t wait to share with you those stories of our incredible iGEM team!

We have been on our journey of iGEM as sophomores and seniors since 2017. Though, at the very beginning, most of us were not so familiar with synthetic biology and relevant experimental skills in molecular biology, we still decided to embrace this challenging yet truly rewarding competition, and it turns out that this is the wisest decision we have ever made, for not only does the competition grant us with valuable experiences of scientific researches, but also helps us establish friendship with team members, a sense of cooperation, and the enthusiasm for science, which shall never fade from our memories.

Our team consists of students from Life Science Department, all of whom are nice colleagues to work with and interesting souls to communicate with. We inspire each other a lot in every aspect during the whole process—from seeking for innovative ideas, operating complicated experiments, carrying out human practices, designing wiki and posters to present our work completely at last. Tremendous support is also consistently and nicely offered by our enthusiastic advisers, instructors and sponsors. Genuinely, we thank you all, for we couldn’t have enjoyed doing this without the effort made by every one of you!

(Check below to see our teammates, advisors and instructors!)