Collaboration has always played a crucial part in human society. So it is with the iGEM competition. Through various meaningful collaborations with teams around the world, we truly experienced the joy of helping and sharing. Meanwhile, it is also a great chance to spread the idea of iGEM to more people.

In terms of that, we Nanjing-China host our own meet up as well as enthusiastically respond to collaboration invitations from other teams.

1.Language project with IIT Madras

This year, we contacted team IIT Madras and worked with them to make an educational video on synthetic biology. Not only did we help translate the scripts into Chinese, we also recorded the audio of all the lines. Our effort contributed to their multi-language project with the Mandarin version.

Later, we received the finished video. To make the video accessible by more people in China, we posted it on Sina Weibo and spreaded it widely. Our efforts were paid by many thumbs up and likes. It is meaningful and informative to propagate biology in such interesting way so that more people would have a glimpse of the scientific world and gain more interest in it.

Please enjoy the video below or watch the video on Youtube:

2.Meet up with iGEM teams in Nanjing & the fifth CCiC in Shanghai

We have effectively communicated with many teams in various forms.

To share with each other our project and to chase perfection, we invited Professor Haoqian Zhang and all teams in Nanjing to hold a meet up at Nanjing University. During the time spent together, we broadened our horizon by listening to the diverse innovative opinions and gained a lot of joy by sharing stories along the way. Furthermore, through this meeting we deepened our understanding of iGEM and improved experimental design and methods to optimize our own project.

After that, we also participated the fifth CCiC held by ShanghaiTech University in September. CCiC, Conference of China iGEMer Community, is an annual meet up in China held by Chinese iGEM teams. The schedule of the meeting is the simulation of Giant Jamboree in Boston, consisting of project presentation, poster display and so on. It is an excellent time for all the iGEM teams in China to spread the idea of biosynthetic to the public of China and to interact with other teams ahead of time to make progress together. We undoubtedly seized the excellent opportunity to demonstrate our project to all teams in China and learn from others. During poster display, we had close conversations with several teams, making proposal on the problems we came up while listening to presentations of other teams, communicating with teams sharing the same track with us and advising each other for better promotion. The special event, trouble shooting also inspired us in several aspects, such as the form of our presentation and the style of our poster.

During the time of photo shooting for all the participants together, we were honored to have a special moment chatting with Mrs. Megan. Her enthusiasm and smile gave us lots of strength to go on overcoming any obstacles to come.

Meanwhile, we were more than glad to see everything going well for all the teams in Nanjing we once communicated with.


This year we also formed close connection with CSU-China, which is a team setting foot on iGEM for the first time. To begin with, we introduced everything about iGEM to them as comprehensively as possible. During their time of building up a real team, we offered timely help and advice feasible to solve their problem through social media. It was indeed a pleasure to offer a hand as we are a more experienced team. Except for that, it surprisingly became a chance for us to learn more novel ideas about what else can be done in iGEM.
We genuinely hope to hear good news from them in Boston!

4. Emoji challenge with Lambert iGEM

To record the happy moments in our lab and to propagate what a lab is like to the public, we posted a collaboration invitation on the official website to make a collection of Lab emoji. We received some feedbacks and learned that another team Lambert iGEM had shared the similar idea with us. They sent us the picture of a cartoon flask. Later, we also downloaded their app, ColorQ, to know more about their thoughts and contributed to the improvement of the app. Both of us had such a whale of a time making labs more appealing to the public.

5.Communication with two iGEM teams

We never missed a chance to communicate. Early in July, we were contacted by team AHUT requiring the borrow of No.5 plasmid in the Interlab Kit. We also had a conversation over the protocol and the skills which contributed to the fulfill of our work. In the summer vacation, we invited two members of iGEM USTC to our campus and shared with them how our project was marching, so did they with us. All of us had a wonderful and instructive experience during these communications.