General Support


Thanks to our PIs Prof. Youming Zhang, Prof. Jun Fu and Prof.Guijie Ren for helping us in optimizing our design as well as offering advice on lab techniques. They always give us constructive advice and help us during our brainstorm process like assessing the applicability and feasibility of our project.


Doctoral candidate Li Zhen is the instructor of the wet lab experiments, he was supervising and profoundly shaping the wet lab experiments in certainly every project. All the time, He gave crucial advice in the conceptual situation and implementation of our experiments. It is him that organized our team, allocated resources and shaped our project with enormous expertise. He was keeping the general overview of our team and experiments, yet he landed a helping hand in human practice.

Doctoral candidate Jiang Chanjuan is also one of our experiment instructors who is kind and always teaches us with patience. From the beginning of our project, she provides us with much inspiration and guides our daily work.


Graduate student Sun Tao has advised us in our experimental project design and daily lab work. He always kept a backup plan in his mind, if experiments would fail. He profoundly supported our efforts in experimental techniques and lab regulation. He is an easy going and warm-hearted person who always concerned about our daily life.

PhD candidate M.Nazeer Abbasi is the other adviser in our team. He is from Palestine and has been working in this lab for long years. He loves studying and working in China and talking with us, Chinese students. From the very beginning of our team, he organized seminars with us to help our undergraduates learn more about scientific study and develop our interest in life science.



In this year student Zhao Xiaohan, Sun Ao, Dong Dongyang, Zhao Wenxue, Tang Fei are the main wet lab member. Through their hard work, we successfully completed our experiment to make our project possible.


Student Chen Nuo and Tang Fei provided much help in this part of work. Under the assistance of modelling work, we smoothed away many difficulties confronted during the experiment.

Wiki and software

Student Gao Dechen is the manager of our wiki and software tool. He spent most of his time in design our wiki and also dabbles in graphic design in our wiki pages as well as a poster. He is a jack in computer science and many other fields, our software tool DePro is a brilliant work done by him. Besides, he also gives many constructive suggestions in art design.

Competition affairs and art designing

Student Li Hanzhen managing team competition affairs and art design. She is so responsible for her part of work that we can catch up with the deadline and meet every requirement for medals. As an art designer, she always has inspirited ideas and gives us big surprises. Our team banner, logo as well as uniform were all done by her.

Human Practice

Student Tian Weixuan, Liang Xueyuan, Shanhongkun and Li Hanzhen is responsible for the HP work. Through their activities, we got much feedback which helps us improve our project to make it more meaningful. Their conclusion has contributed much to our project design.


First and foremost, we would like to thank Prof. Youming Zhang and Prof. Jun Fu again for providing us with intellectual support. We also want to say thanks to every senior fellow in our lab, without their help hand we may not do our experiment smoothly and have a wonderful lab experience!

We appreciate the support from theProf. Shuning Wang’s lab, especially Prof. Shuning Wang and Master Rongshui Wang very much, for providing Agrobacterium tumefaciens S33 and nicotine.

A heartfelt thank-you goes out to Doc Roberta Greenwood, for dubbing our video of Linear-Linear and Linear-Circular recombination and correcting our subtitles in the video.

We still want to thank all interview-partners who invested their time in sharing their knowledge with us, inspiring us in many different ways and pathed new ways in various aspects of our project. Without your advice, input and experience, our project would not be the same!

We want to thank our iGEM mentor Liu Yang who has guided us in almost every aspect of our project and provided us endless help in achieving the gold medal.