science comics

SKLMT-China realized the importance of science education while conducting scientific research. During the collaboration, we learned that China Ocean University was conducting a publicity campaign on popular science comic books. After contacting them, we cooperated and exchanged views.In cooperation, we are responsible for publicizing OUC-China's popular science comics to promote synthetic biology.On September 8th, SKLMT-China team set up the booth in the orientation area of Qingdao campus of Shandong University, carried out the cooperation project of popularization of science with OUC-China and achieved remarkable results.

Other team’s questionnaire

We participated in the cooperation of Team Nottingham, Team IIT-Madras, Team RHIT, Team IIT Kanpur and Team Harvard. Team CPU-China and Team ICT-Mumbai participated in the cooperation project we initiated. We participated in the "Proof Reading Help" event sponsored by Team Nottingham to help check for syntax errors in non-English speaking country pages. We have sent the email to Team Nottingham and received a reply-both of two teams were happy to cooperate with each other. We have applied to join the “Language Project” project initiated by Team ITT-Madras and the “League of Superheroes” campaign initiated by Team RHIT. We filled out the Survey To Fight Water Pollution released by Team IIT Kanpur. We sent a submission email to Team Harvard to participate in the “Fighting Stigma Against Synthetic Biology!” project. The main content of the email was based on the project of our team,and show the importance of microbial technology to improve the public's impression of synthetic biology. At the same time, we also posted our survey on the website - "survey on Chassis and Nicotine", Team CPU-China and Team ICT-Mumbai carefully fill out and participate in cooperation.

Promoter strength verification

This year we construct a promoter library characterized by firefly luciferase to improve pseudomonas fluorescens pf-5. To test our promoters in different laboratory condition ,we invited seven teams cooperated with us, that is , Team HUBU, Team JNFLS,Team NJU,Team OCU-CHINA ,Tongji_China Team ZJUandTeam TJU_China. thank you all so much. We thank Team JNFLS,Team NJU,Team OCU-CHINA especially! They measured the fluorescens intensity successfully, and sent back the valid statistics, which is meaningful for us to verify our model.

Since we using a new chassis, the cloning method is significantly different from other teams, as well as the experimental conditions. Therefore, we discussed a lot during the cooperation in transformation methods and the successful Transformant confirmation. We learnt so much from each other and were so happy to cooperate with each other.

Based on our model, we formulated a criterion to the promoter library. As we got the statistics from, we found the data was variable in different order of magnitude because of diverse experimental methods or condition. Having obtained natural logarithms and normalize these data, finally, as show below:

Comparison of the strength of  promoters between collaboration teams and us

From the heatmap, we can see the result of JNFLS is very similar with us. Only one promoter has significant difference. About other teams, we still found great difference, but the relative strength between promoters is not much discrepancy. These data can be an serve as a reference for us.

After all , we thank them for their enthusiastic help again!


SDU-CHINA and us come from the same university, so it’s pretty convenient for us to communicate with each other. Because we were both freshmen to iGEM, we helped each other with all kinds of issues during the iGEM season,from project design to experiment support and competition issues. From the beginning, the projects were polished by two teams together through holding some seminars. What’s more, we did the interLab experiment together, experimental materials and equipment were shared together, besides, we analysed the data and discussed the consequence we got together. Recently, we gave them a new plasmid backbone for helping them in parts standardization, and it worked really well. In a word, thanks to our sister team for playing such a significant role in our growth!