Team:SZU-China/Applied Design

Applied Design

In order to put our lab work into market as soon as possible. We designed models which can contain our Metarhizium anisopidae and can lure cockroaches simultaneously. And it has to be convenient to use for our customers while it shouldn’t be too expensive. Base on these thoughts we designed our models and improve them along the way. Here is the evolution history of our models.

First generation:


At first we chose to use oil solution to contain our Metarhizium anisopidae and put them at area C in pic 1. Area B is a hollow cube to contain baits for cockroaches. There are breathable holes on top of it to make sure the smell of the baits gets out. After combining the lid and the body. They will form four entrances like A together which allow the cockroaches to enter. When cockroaches get in, they will definitely get in contact with our Metarhizium anisopidae in area C which will kill them. And the cockroaches can also get out and infecting other cockroaches by contacting them.



1. It is made by acrylic which makes it cheap and light.

2. The design above can function when we test it in the lab.


After the human practice in Chongqing. We know that cockroaches will likely to climb gentle slope instead of entrances that high. And they are fond of getting into crevices. So we decided to improve our model.

Second generation:


After getting important suggestions during Chongqing human practice we decided to use Metarhizium anisopidae emulsifiable powder on nonwoven fabric instead of oil solution. These give us more possibilities when designing the model. This time we mix the baits with our Metarhizium anisopidae emulsifiable powder and brush them on nonwoven fabric. After that we put it on area C on Pic3. We put the lid on A in Pic3(which constructed by five magnet cubes) so it will form a crevice for the cockroaches to climb in through the gentle slope B on Pic3. You can also give or take the magnet cubes to adjust the height of the crevice according to the actual size of the cockroach in your house. You can also put two magnets each on the top and the bottom to stabilize the model as in Pic4



1. Also made by acrylic which makes it cheap and light.

2. Totally accord with the living habit of cockroaches makes it function better than the first generation.

3. Customers can adjust the crevice height according to the actual situation to make it function better.


1. Not stable enough using the magnet.

2. Acrylic has its own limitations. We can only make two sides of slopes using acrylic but not 360°slope.

So we keep improving it and here comes the final model.

Final generation:


After we found Acrylic can no longer fit our needs. We change the material into Polypropylene. This makes us able to realize our new model.

We also mix baits with Metarhizium anisopidae emulsifiable powder on nonwoven fabric this time and put them on area A on pic5. Then screw the lid down as pic6 through the cylinder to form crevices which is also adjustable. The cockroaches can climb through the slope B on pic5 and get in contact with Metarhizium anisopidae which will lead to death.



1. Totally accord with the living habit of cockroaches.

2. Adjustable crevice height.

3.360°slope to make the efficiency higher.

4. Much more stable than the second generation.


A little expensive when purchase a few amount. But we will try our best to a find a Cooperative manufacturer to make this change.