1.apply for a paten

We are planning to apply for a patent on the green ground that we designed. We continually improve our designs based on the living characteristics of cockroaches and the convenience of human use. We believe that the final version of our design will definitely maximize the sterilization of our genetically engineered Metarhizium. Therefore, we want to apply for a patent, which will not only protect our creative achievements but also is a kind of affirmation and support for our design.

2.take a quality inspection

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, we went to Hunan Province to distribute our first Green Ground with wild type Metarhizium as an insecticide, and it was very affirmed by the villagers. We are convinced that our products will have better results if they are developed. For this reason, we intend to send our final products to the relevant departments for quality inspection, making it a product that can be put into reality. It takes a lot of money and effort, but we believe that our products can bring convenience to more people in the society.

3. promotion of synthetic biology

When we did social research, we found that everyone is not too familiar with synthetic biology and resists GMOs. We are not preaching the synthetic biology but willing to make the public have a more accurate and deeper understanding of synthetic biology and genetic engineering. At present, we have developed aa applet, biocampany, based on WeChat platform. We intend to promote iGEM and synthetic biology with our applet. It must be a good platform for more people to follow the progress of iGEM teams and iGEM.

In addition, we also intend to bring the courses as well as the labs to the community. We hope that they can change their minds after experiencing our activity.