• 1. Registered, have an unforgettable summer. And take part in the Giant Jamboree.
  • 2. All deliverables met!
  • 3. attribution finished!
  • 4. Interlab finished!


  • 1. Functional verification of the device was completed in the laboratory.
  • 2. Finished collaboration ,See how we helped each other.
  • 3. Silver Human Practices finished, see what we have done.


  • 1. Integrated Human Practices:Promote our designs to the world and try to solve practical problems with our designs.
  • 2. Improved the function of part BBa_K2232003
  • 3. Utilize mathematical model for instruction in our lab.
  • 4. Demonstrate: How our fungal cockroach terminator system work.


To make our product more convenient and better for life, we have designed a containing box called GreenGround and are patenting it. More details for our product design

We visited the Centers for Disease Control, discussed problems related to the application and product with experts of entomogenous fungi, designed GreenGround according to cockroaches' habits and public feedback, brought it to rural areas for practical application, which was recognized by the villagers, etc. More details for Human Practices

To make the research team more closely connected with the general public and make it easier for people to understand the research trend, we built Biocompany, a Mini Program. More details for Biocompany

We apply mathematical models and computer simulations in our project and help our project more perfect. More details for Modeling