Team:SZU-China/Human Practices

Integrated HP

This year, we have completed different HP based on the needs of our projects at different times to make our project move forward. The following below is a summary of the HP we did at different times in the project. For detailed information, you can click on the navigation bar at the top or the title above the clock below

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Trouble we meet in project

At the beginning of 2018 SZU-China team, we had a brainstorming to decide our topic. We carried out three topics which were all close to daily lives and we didn’t know which to choose.
What we did for project

To strengthen the communication between iGEM and the public, we designed an applet named biocompany and post our ideas there. It’s a platform for the public to engage in the iGEM.
How would the project be

With the comments that people gave in Biocompany, we finally decided our project, cockroach terminator. For more details about our applet, please read our applet part.