We would like to share with you what we have done for our project monthly.

2017 December

Set up the 2018 SZU-China iGEM team

2018 January

Brainstorm for the team project

2018 February

Determined the subject as cockroach terminator

Experimental skills training for the new team

2018 March

Searched for documents and references about cockroach and Metarhizium anisopliae 128

Communicated with 2018 SUST-iGEM team about some experimental skills

2018 April

Constructed an applicable working plasmid called pBC

2018 May

The first try we transferred our working vector into the wild-type Metarhizium anisopliae 128. However, we failed.

We held a meeting which called iGEM Southern China Regional Meeting, our purpose is to build a plat for iGEMers to communicate.

We empolder an applet which named biocompany after that meeting, it can help iGEMers better communicate with each other, also a good platform for Human Practice.

We Isolated the strain.

We interviewed Canteen manager to ask the impact of cockroaches.

2018 June

We got Metarhizium anisopliae 128

We built a transformation system, but we failed.

We successfully constructed plasmid.

2018 July

We interviewed the CDC to consult about the diseases caused by cockroaches and the killing of cockroaches in the community.

We re-built a transformation system, but we failed again.

We attended the iGEM EurAsian Meetup.

In-depth communication with TU-Delft University in Shenzhen University.

We designed the first generation of the box.

2018 August

We designed the simulation experiment and started to explore.

We went to Chongqing to visit Professor Wang Zhongkang, learned about fungal fermentation engineering, and improved our box.

We improved our box and designed the second generation box.

Attended the 5th CCiC in Shanghai.

2018 September

Built mathematical model.

Designed our posters and uniforms.

Started writing wiki page.

We finally successfully built up a transformation system.

Created the banner.

We went to a village in Hunan to test our products.

We improved our box and designed the third generation box.

2018 October

Finished the improved part.

Finished the Wiki and upload.

Finished the poster.

Finished all the experiments.

2018 iGEM giant jamboree!