Team:TecMonterrey GDL/Human Practices


Our project focused on a current problem that is not given due attention, depression and anxiety disorders. There is a large number of uninformed people on the subject, since many are barely aware of the symptoms or causes of a depressive or anxious disorder and due to the above, people tend to normalize these diseases by letting them pass indefinitely without giving them adequate treatment. In addition to developing a psychobiotic that can combat the adverse effects of stress that causes inflammation in the body and leads to depression or anxiety, the team wanted to take advantage of their intervention in the topic to help create awareness layers through social networks and thus promote the preventive culture and encourage people to ask for help when necessary.

On the other hand, several events were created in our community where experts on the subject were invited to give the public the opportunity to express their doubts and share their experiences. From our human practices and the feedback obtained from these, the goal of our project was shaped to become what it is now.


Initial contact with a professional

Disinformation. We wanted to break paradigms and establish a concrete mentality about the disease we wanted to attack with our project, understanding the patient.


Galilea 2000 A.C.

Informative speech about the “must know” on depression and anxiety. We should see the disease from the true eyes of a person with the disease.


Kurago Biotek

Not responsible. We thought that our product could be made working alone with E. coli, without considering the adverse effects that this could cause in people.


Panel with experts, stundents, and parents

Target. The panel helped us identify new groups of people vulnerable to these diseases, we adapted our product and market studies according to the new information recollected.


Science diffusion in elementary schools

A brief introductory class to elementary school kids on the basics of biotechnology, their applications and their daily usage. We thought that they wouldn’t have interest.



Gathering with Latin-American teams, including all Mexico´s teams for feedback, collaborations and support, both professional and personal.


Collaboration with Dr. Rebecca L. Carrier

Contact with experts on the biological and molecular boundaries. Response. Gut-on-a-chip will provide a secure way to know Lactobachill has the desired effect.


Interview with a psychologist

A profound comprehension of myths , symptoms , and behavior of those who suffer from depression and anxiety from the professional point of view.Clearing doubts that emerged.


Living library experience

Intimate. The public is excited to live more closely cases of depression and anxiety of people who have already gone through it and overcome it willing to share it.


Movie Day

A fresh approach to youngsters about mental disorders presented as a romantic comedy to break stigmatization. Create an informed opinion about these diseases.


Collaborations with other teams

Shearing, supporting, understanding and acting on the active problems that other teams all around the globe, are currently attacking. Sharing our work and learning from others.