Xscape is meant to stop the engineered bacteria from escaping out from the desired area, since unknown but probably disastrous outcomes may appear if they get into the environment. We designed, built and charaterized three different biosafety devices for bacterial fermentation and bacterial therapy, to eliminate the effect of such kind of accidental escape. We used a capacity monitor, which enabled us to quantitatively characterize the metabolic stress of those commonly used biological parts.


Culture and Community

With the growing and glowing biology community, biosafety is coming to be the greatest threat to the researchers, supervisors, and the public. We investigated the orthodox community’s means and efforts to secure this field, and we also investigated the DIYbio community since they are to the contrary to the orthodox community. We realized that the current concerns could only be solved permanently by implanting the concept and faith of biosafety into the culture, which should be done by the community internally.



Throughout the years we meet all kinds of difficulties, and indeed, we could not overcome all of it. Here, we want to memorize all the E.coli with our highest respect. They contributed themselves in an unknown or known way to the known or unknown scientific problem. We recorded the les miserables of E.coli, with our sincere wishes their colleges in the future will not go through this again.


Thee and we

We should never forget the ones who brought us here, teammates teachers, advisors, friends, institutions. Who fought side by side, taught hand by hand. And gave us crucial help in crucial time point. This can never be done without them.